Saturday, November 12, 2011

Catchin' Up a little...and more advocating!

First of all, one of my favorite China homes...Eagles Wings has put out a really touching video about their work...they do such wonderful things for the special needs kids in China and I've seen so many of their milder kids come home, they give such great care there!! and if you visit my blog regually at all, you know my love for sweet Charlie...this is where he lives...there are a few glimpes of him in the video! Check out the 'tude in the photo of him! He's so stinkin cute...he was pouting at one of the volunteer and put his little hands on his hip and told her ALL about it!!!

the little girl in the photo next to Charlie is Lilli DOB 12/09...I've advocated for her before and she is available for adoption again with Wasatch...she had a family that chose to release her file for complicated reasons. I have tons of info on this beautiful baby...her eye tumor and file has been evaluated by @3 different pediatric optholmoligist specialist thanks to my wonderful doctor who has forwarded it on to different specialist. The latest is at the "Wills Eye Hospital in Philidelphia" !!!!! Fortunately, they are all giving this little doll a cautiously optomistic report about her tumor being of benign and not cancerous and easily treatable!!!

PLEASE email me if you are interested in any additional info in either of these sweet children!!! Charlie is on the shared list and can be accessed by any agency! PM me for his chinese name and dob!!!

and please....someone explain to me why all week, I drag, kick and plead with the children to get out of bed and get moving and here at 7:45a on Saturday morning when mom's trying to blog, have a little coffee and quiet time they are all standing before me bright eyed, bushy tailed and wanting breakfast!!!!! GGGRRRR family catchin' up to come later!!!!

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