Monday, August 29, 2011

I decided not to name this blog post......

I had to many options to play around with when it came time to name this blog post, so I just decided not were some of the ones I DIDN'T choose and why...


Ok, I know I haven't posted in since what? August 9th or something and the entire month went by in this crazy blurr! And I really have no excuse except busy as always, and trying to squeeze the last bit of fun out of summer...which I think we did....and hubby had a business trip in Nashville the week school started and left me home to send everyone off alone. Which I handled pretty well since I had time to prepare, only ONE mental breakdown which I thought was pretty good!!! but CERTAINLY left no time for blogging

2. AND...THEY'RE OFF.....

that's a Kentucky Horse racing pun I was going to use to intro the first few days of school, but that was two weeks ago so I missed my opportunity for that one...BUT my oldest did start high was a bit tough to watch her walk away that first felt alot like preschool, she just looked to darn little to be going they let 85lb-ers in? Isn't there a weight limit to get in?? haha, I'd never tell HER that, girls can be just as sensitive about being small as they can be about big...She is enjoying school, it's stressing her some, but having alot of fun joining every club we will let her and attending every social gathering possible...and my big 2nd grader and 5th grader are also off to a fabulous start. Will and Sam start preschool next week. Will is still undergoing his SB evaluation and saw a PT last week who wants him to have some regular work on his left hip...but she was overall VERY impressed with his strength and flexibility and said he could do thinks not many SB kids could. I was glad to hear that....


I think that one speaks for itself...can't decide if all the extracurricular activities and having five kids at four different schools with 3 different drop off times and 2 different pick ups three days a week is wearing me down, or am I really feeling forty??? **sigh** I think I should try the nap and see ;) explain some of the above photos...the creapy lite photo of Brynn next to the door was taken right before Mike slammed it to pull out her front tooth...yep, no kidding...look closely, you can see the string going to the door knob...all three of my girl have lost their front teeth that way, and it really doesn't hurt...although I don't have the courage to do it...

Brynn in the sassy pose was taken after she announced she was my shoes, glasses and purse and was going out for the night...she even tried to shove my dog in my purse Paris Hilton style....(Which I don't do FYI) Nelly was a great sport, but of course wouldn't fit!!!! But she had some serious "tude" and was full of poses for the camera!!!

The first ones where taken at a fund raiser called "Touch a Truck" They had all types of wheeled vehicles from race cars, motorcycles to backhoe loaders to 18 wheelers for the kids to climb inside, push the buttons, toot the horns ect....and yes, the boys just about lost their minds and had the time of their lives!!! BRILLANT idea! I didn't think we'd ever get them to leave!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Family Day Sweet Sammy!!!

It's been 2y since we walked into a hothot Civil Affairs Office in Nanjing China to meet our sweet, curious and smily Zhang Jiang. It truly was a fairy tale gotcha day...not a tear or whimper. He spit the M&M's behind the coach, but giggled endlessly at rolling the cars under the coffee table. His first words to us were "Hi Mamma, Babba...I Love you" Coached I know, but my heart went to goo none the less. He could count to ten in English and ID his body parts, in english. I was completely charmed....Love at first love affair with the Chinese orphans happened that moment....please pray for them all....I'm still working out with God what all I'm suppose to do...

It's been a wonderful journey with Sammy, we are so blessed to have grown our family through adoption and I can't wait to see what's to come


Friday, August 5, 2011

Bikes and Camp and Kitchens...OH MY!!

Jessa and Cooper (molly and evan)

Kenna, standing in back - green puppet

Sam and TingTing - true love!

Chinese princesses!


Kitchen - after

Kitchen - before

That about sums up the last few weeks in our house! All five kids had camp. Jessa had 2 1/2 weeks of drama camp and was in a fabulous rendition of '13 the Musical'....she had the time of he life!! She learned TONS, made great friends and came out with her second boyfriend ;)

Sam Will and Brynn went to "Chineese Camp" It was a week of Chineese culture, games, basic Mandrin learning colors, counting, greetings and crafts. It was for children adopted from Asian countries and their siblings and was just FABULOUS!!! The family that hosted has been convinced to continue monthly meetings and learning sessions...can't wait....Sam had a HUGE crush on the Chinese teacher Ting Ting and told her he was going to marry her, you can see how smitten he is in the picture!!... Cutest thing ever...he's quite a charmer that Sammy!!! At the end of the week she said she never expected to get engaged hanging out with 4-8 year olds!

Kenna attended 'Puppet Camp' put on at the same local of Jessa's camp. Jessa was able to be a counselor there. They both had a great time and her performance was SOOO nostalgic...Muppets, Sesame Street ect...and OH SO CUTE!!!

Loved all the camps!!

Brynn finally got the courage to take off the training wheels and is cruisin' 2 wheeled on her bike! and Will go his FIRST bike...(he and sammy have been sharing one until now) He loveslovesloveslovesloves it and all he says is "that MY bike Mommy" "My bike is red Mommy" so cute, so sweet!!

AND.....drumroll....the kitchen remodel is OVER....wootwoot! Well, the cabinet guys have to come back in 2 weeks to fix a shelf and lay trim...BUT I still consider it over!!!! Happy me! It's very pretty, and a HUGE improv't from my 15 yr old builder grade cabinets! I hope I can start feeling a bit more greatful for getting a fabulous kitchen for little money soon...the intrusion and timing just about drove me bonkers....remodels are stressful, especially having no way to cook for a family of 7 for @3 weeks! BUT now it's time to enjoy...**SIGH** Lots of "good" stressors for the DeLuca family the last five kid, new job for Mike,new kitchen...some NOT so good stressors hernia surgery water leak and 13 doctor appts for Will for his Spina Bifida...all that being said, there were times the only thing keeping me sane were God, humor and vodka (in that order) and there were times I was horribly human and was just plan overwhelmed and mean to my family...I'm just looking forward to and praying for some good ole regular life for awhile!!

We are going to try to enjoy a few more weeks of summer before school starts! Hope you can do the same!!