Friday, August 5, 2011

Bikes and Camp and Kitchens...OH MY!!

Jessa and Cooper (molly and evan)

Kenna, standing in back - green puppet

Sam and TingTing - true love!

Chinese princesses!


Kitchen - after

Kitchen - before

That about sums up the last few weeks in our house! All five kids had camp. Jessa had 2 1/2 weeks of drama camp and was in a fabulous rendition of '13 the Musical'....she had the time of he life!! She learned TONS, made great friends and came out with her second boyfriend ;)

Sam Will and Brynn went to "Chineese Camp" It was a week of Chineese culture, games, basic Mandrin learning colors, counting, greetings and crafts. It was for children adopted from Asian countries and their siblings and was just FABULOUS!!! The family that hosted has been convinced to continue monthly meetings and learning sessions...can't wait....Sam had a HUGE crush on the Chinese teacher Ting Ting and told her he was going to marry her, you can see how smitten he is in the picture!!... Cutest thing ever...he's quite a charmer that Sammy!!! At the end of the week she said she never expected to get engaged hanging out with 4-8 year olds!

Kenna attended 'Puppet Camp' put on at the same local of Jessa's camp. Jessa was able to be a counselor there. They both had a great time and her performance was SOOO nostalgic...Muppets, Sesame Street ect...and OH SO CUTE!!!

Loved all the camps!!

Brynn finally got the courage to take off the training wheels and is cruisin' 2 wheeled on her bike! and Will go his FIRST bike...(he and sammy have been sharing one until now) He loveslovesloveslovesloves it and all he says is "that MY bike Mommy" "My bike is red Mommy" so cute, so sweet!!

AND.....drumroll....the kitchen remodel is OVER....wootwoot! Well, the cabinet guys have to come back in 2 weeks to fix a shelf and lay trim...BUT I still consider it over!!!! Happy me! It's very pretty, and a HUGE improv't from my 15 yr old builder grade cabinets! I hope I can start feeling a bit more greatful for getting a fabulous kitchen for little money soon...the intrusion and timing just about drove me bonkers....remodels are stressful, especially having no way to cook for a family of 7 for @3 weeks! BUT now it's time to enjoy...**SIGH** Lots of "good" stressors for the DeLuca family the last five kid, new job for Mike,new kitchen...some NOT so good stressors hernia surgery water leak and 13 doctor appts for Will for his Spina Bifida...all that being said, there were times the only thing keeping me sane were God, humor and vodka (in that order) and there were times I was horribly human and was just plan overwhelmed and mean to my family...I'm just looking forward to and praying for some good ole regular life for awhile!!

We are going to try to enjoy a few more weeks of summer before school starts! Hope you can do the same!!

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  1. You are a busy bee! Good luck finding "regular life" with your household :)