Thursday, June 23, 2011

I wish my kids were made of microfiber!!!

About a year and a half ago I splurged a little and bought this yummy chocolate brown microfiber sectional....after Sam came home we had more hiney's than seat's in our TV room and the sofa and two chairs just didn't cut it anymore! Of course, at the time who knew Will was following quickly behind!!!

My point is this couch is soft like mink...I LOVE it! Every few months I give myself a decent workout rotating, fluffing and wiping all the cushions...and EVERYTIME! I find nine million googleplex stains on it despite the DON'T EAT OR DRINK ON THE SECTIONAL PLEASE!!! SIT ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF IT PLEASE rule!!! BUT It's just magic! They are all mystery stains of unknown orgin and unknown length of time and they truly wipe off with a WET SPONGE!!! I hear angle's sing everytime I clean that darn thing...

Boy I wish my kids were made of that stuff!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maximum Fun!

Jessa and Emma********** good ole friends! Patty and Jeff

Feeding the giraffe was FUN!

***************** Reunited! friends since 2yo!

Hug or headlock?

Well, noone can say we haven't been making the best out of summer! We've been having tons of fun..luckily most of it together ;) We haven't quite shaken the "crazies" trying to get the kitchen/basement remodeling started, Wills gazillion doctor's appointments, and Mike's unplanned hernia surgery last week, but HEY, isn't that just life!

Jessa just spent some time at Ichthus - a huge Christian rock festival that comes every year. I was very sad to miss, but hubby needed a nurse and I of course would have been no where else...she got her face rocked off!!

The boys and I recently saw "Barney Live". Our neighbor blessed us with tickets, and even though they'd only seen Barney a very few times, we had a GREAT time. The dancing and classic songs where just adorable to watch! And noone eats and icecream cone like Sam!

We've also had a day at the Zoo and a visit with old neighbors from Cinci, lots of pool time - including "Kids Day", visits to the park, neighborhood parties, playdates/sleepovers with school friends...and list goes on and on!

It's Good to be a kid in my house!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm advocating again!!!

Once you've entered the world of adoption and seen the faces of orphans you are's a rare parent that completes their personal adoption and completely steps away.
I still stay active on the advocating sights, I pray for the sweet faces and pass the word along about the sites to ANYONE I know who might be considering adopting

Every now and again a few special kids grab my heart.

Like with Charlie from Eagle's Wings Foster Group who just turned three.

First of all, he's such a stinkin' cutie!! Second he reminds of Will in alot of ways.

Their SN's are the same, repaired SB and mild hydrocephalous...their files I think both "read scary" but both seem to be very high functioning and full of personality. They both seemed to have won the hearts of those around them. I even think he sort a looks like him...Will, with a big set of round, brown eyes....

He melts my heart...if the Good Lord would bless me with my SANITY back - and a huge pile of cash to hire a maid and tutor to help with the daily logistics....I'd snatch him up in a SECOND!!!

Here's what Donna, the director of "Eagle's Wings" has to say about Charle:

Charlie, dob 5/20/08, is 3 years old. He has repaired spina bifida and a shunt for hydrocephalus. He is ADORABLE. He talks nonstop and has a sweet and funny personality. Everyone who meets him falls in love immediately. Charlie is in a group foster home program and attends preschool.

Just checked his short descriptor on the shared list. Of course, they have that "development of brain is not good". So I'll add another kid to my list for MRIs next week. OF COURSE a child with hydrocephalus is going to have a CT scan that looks different than a child without it...if it was the same then he wouldn't have had hc, right? ugh

I can see why people just pass right over a description like that, but I can tell you with all honesty, if people could meet him there would be a bidding war to take him home. He is sooooo cute and funny and loving and just his own person. And he talks and talks and talks. I had him slated to be evaluated by a speech therapist (along with 20 other kids when we had one volunteer come in) but his house manager said, not needed, he is talking all the time. And she is right! He is talking like crazy. He just turned 3 last week and he couldn't be a more normal 3 year old. But of course he has an abnormal CT and he is a boy....please, someone take Charlie home!

(btw...Charlie is the first little one that I found in the orphanage and brought home to Eagles Wings. He was 9 months old and his sparkle just caught my eye. I knew he was going to do great if he could just get OUT of the crib 24/7)

Yup, I have a passion for Charlie...

He's on the Shared List and can be found by any me for more information!

I'm going to spread the word here and everywhere else I can think of...Pray for this little guy...could YOU consider opening your heart and home to him??

Welcome Summer!

Lovin those Jammies!

Nice Ferret..... NOT nice Ferret!

We have survived the first weeks of summer!! It always amazes me it actually takes a transition period. You'd think the kids would just stinkin play and be happy about it! But NOPE! You have to reteach them how to entertain themselves, remind them how to pick up the jump ropes and bikes and ride around the neighborhood and how NOT to stand under your feet and whine how bored they are...strange?!?! The bored whinning thing never lasts long around here, I always answer that one with a cleaning cloth ;)

We've been enjoying the pool..Will is already a water bug and jumping from the side unassisted with his lifejacket on...NO WAY Sammy's going to outdo him! He cried half the first day and was jumping in by day two! Already frequenting the coolest pet shot in town..MVP in Bellerieve! They had Hedgehogs and Chinchilla's (sp?) and as always, the staff was great about letting the kids hold the animals! and as always top it off with a visit to Sonic in the parking lot! HUGE FUN! (and cheap!)

I also want to take a minute to remember Esther. We received our fundraiser tee's we purchased from Stephanie was bittersweet indeed...Brynn and I each got one...she love them and decided it's what she wanted as her reward for straight A' we ordered one for Poppy, one for Esther...and we had looked forward to watching them both grow in their first we rejoiced for that Poppy will be with her Mamma and Babba soon, and that Esther is with Jesus and her heart is whole. Second we morned for the what could have been's and for the loss Stephanie and her family are dealing with. Then we prayed for them and all orphans waiting for a family. Then we smiled real big for a photo to capture the moment after drying the tears...

I know I counted my blessing and said my prayers with a little more vigor last night....

Love to all!!!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How did all that happen??

Everyone knows how the end of the school year can turn into a big fat blurr!! Well this one has been no different! We've been very busy with 8th grade graduation! Our girl was such a shining star! We are VERY proud!(we officially have a HIGH SCHOOLER NOW...GASP!) field trips, field day and class party's. We were blessed with a muchmuchmuch needed 3 day Memorial Day weekend. Thank you soldiers for your sacrifice and summer time for your FABULOUS timing! (just 10days ago it was down in the 30's and we topped out at 93* yesterday!) Thursday makes the final day of school...HOORAY! Bring on summer break!!!

and GO Kenna for being such a fabulous fisher-girl! She caught about six! and only @ 3 girls out of her class would hang at the pond, bait hooks, remove from caught fish and throw back in pond...and of course Mom was right there in the wormy, buggy smelly mess of it all!!! Country girl at heart I am!!!

That's my girl!!!

Oh, and I got a new dog...I love her madly ...although not EVERYONE did at first but they are warming's sort of a long story...but she's a year old Cavalier, her name is Nellie..isn't it great?...and we came VERY close to getting this breed when we got our Schnauzers @5yrs ago...and she LOVES me madly, definetly mamma's girl...a velcro dog if you will...and she's SOOO can you NOT love her????...I know, this makes 3 dogs, 5 kids, a cat, and a goldfish..the stickers along the back of the van are getting VERY crowded...SIGH...