Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Maximum Fun!

Jessa and Emma********** good ole friends! Patty and Jeff

Feeding the giraffe was FUN!

***************** Reunited! friends since 2yo!

Hug or headlock?

Well, noone can say we haven't been making the best out of summer! We've been having tons of fun..luckily most of it together ;) We haven't quite shaken the "crazies" trying to get the kitchen/basement remodeling started, Wills gazillion doctor's appointments, and Mike's unplanned hernia surgery last week, but HEY, isn't that just life!

Jessa just spent some time at Ichthus - a huge Christian rock festival that comes every year. I was very sad to miss, but hubby needed a nurse and I of course would have been no where else...she got her face rocked off!!

The boys and I recently saw "Barney Live". Our neighbor blessed us with tickets, and even though they'd only seen Barney a very few times, we had a GREAT time. The dancing and classic songs where just adorable to watch! And noone eats and icecream cone like Sam!

We've also had a day at the Zoo and a visit with old neighbors from Cinci, lots of pool time - including "Kids Day", visits to the park, neighborhood parties, playdates/sleepovers with school friends...and list goes on and on!

It's Good to be a kid in my house!


  1. Sounds fun, minus the hernia. I want to be a kid in your house do you have room for 2 more (Chloe and I come as a package)
    Keep enjoying the summer.

  2. It looks like you have "that house", you know, the one that all the other kids gravitate toward, since there's always something happening and always a good time to be had there.