Thursday, June 23, 2011

I wish my kids were made of microfiber!!!

About a year and a half ago I splurged a little and bought this yummy chocolate brown microfiber sectional....after Sam came home we had more hiney's than seat's in our TV room and the sofa and two chairs just didn't cut it anymore! Of course, at the time who knew Will was following quickly behind!!!

My point is this couch is soft like mink...I LOVE it! Every few months I give myself a decent workout rotating, fluffing and wiping all the cushions...and EVERYTIME! I find nine million googleplex stains on it despite the DON'T EAT OR DRINK ON THE SECTIONAL PLEASE!!! SIT ON THE FLOOR IN FRONT OF IT PLEASE rule!!! BUT It's just magic! They are all mystery stains of unknown orgin and unknown length of time and they truly wipe off with a WET SPONGE!!! I hear angle's sing everytime I clean that darn thing...

Boy I wish my kids were made of that stuff!!!


  1. If you do come up with a way to coat the kiddos in microfiber, please pass along the secret!

  2. You can always hose them down (the kids, I mean!)


  3. or my car - i'd love for it to be made of microfiber!

  4. Oh honey, I know your pain. I clean my house everyday and everyday it looks like a tornado has hit it.... Why can't I be a little less Type-A!??!

    Loving the pictures of the boys with their arms around each other. So sweet!

    Looks like you're having a great summer!!

  5. PS: Isn't if funny that we still check RQ all the time??