Friday, June 10, 2011

Welcome Summer!

Lovin those Jammies!

Nice Ferret..... NOT nice Ferret!

We have survived the first weeks of summer!! It always amazes me it actually takes a transition period. You'd think the kids would just stinkin play and be happy about it! But NOPE! You have to reteach them how to entertain themselves, remind them how to pick up the jump ropes and bikes and ride around the neighborhood and how NOT to stand under your feet and whine how bored they are...strange?!?! The bored whinning thing never lasts long around here, I always answer that one with a cleaning cloth ;)

We've been enjoying the pool..Will is already a water bug and jumping from the side unassisted with his lifejacket on...NO WAY Sammy's going to outdo him! He cried half the first day and was jumping in by day two! Already frequenting the coolest pet shot in town..MVP in Bellerieve! They had Hedgehogs and Chinchilla's (sp?) and as always, the staff was great about letting the kids hold the animals! and as always top it off with a visit to Sonic in the parking lot! HUGE FUN! (and cheap!)

I also want to take a minute to remember Esther. We received our fundraiser tee's we purchased from Stephanie was bittersweet indeed...Brynn and I each got one...she love them and decided it's what she wanted as her reward for straight A' we ordered one for Poppy, one for Esther...and we had looked forward to watching them both grow in their first we rejoiced for that Poppy will be with her Mamma and Babba soon, and that Esther is with Jesus and her heart is whole. Second we morned for the what could have been's and for the loss Stephanie and her family are dealing with. Then we prayed for them and all orphans waiting for a family. Then we smiled real big for a photo to capture the moment after drying the tears...

I know I counted my blessing and said my prayers with a little more vigor last night....

Love to all!!!


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  1. Glad the kids have figured out what to do with all that time off! (I could never be bored)