Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How did all that happen??

Everyone knows how the end of the school year can turn into a big fat blurr!! Well this one has been no different! We've been very busy with 8th grade graduation! Our girl was such a shining star! We are VERY proud!(we officially have a HIGH SCHOOLER NOW...GASP!) field trips, field day and class party's. We were blessed with a muchmuchmuch needed 3 day Memorial Day weekend. Thank you soldiers for your sacrifice and summer time for your FABULOUS timing! (just 10days ago it was down in the 30's and we topped out at 93* yesterday!) Thursday makes the final day of school...HOORAY! Bring on summer break!!!

and GO Kenna for being such a fabulous fisher-girl! She caught about six! and only @ 3 girls out of her class would hang at the pond, bait hooks, remove from caught fish and throw back in pond...and of course Mom was right there in the wormy, buggy smelly mess of it all!!! Country girl at heart I am!!!

That's my girl!!!

Oh, and I got a new dog...I love her madly ...although not EVERYONE did at first but they are warming's sort of a long story...but she's a year old Cavalier, her name is Nellie..isn't it great?...and we came VERY close to getting this breed when we got our Schnauzers @5yrs ago...and she LOVES me madly, definetly mamma's girl...a velcro dog if you will...and she's SOOO can you NOT love her????...I know, this makes 3 dogs, 5 kids, a cat, and a goldfish..the stickers along the back of the van are getting VERY crowded...SIGH...


  1. Chloe approves of the new dog, she kept saying bow wow wow as we looked at the pictures this morning. Oh and I think she remembers that crazy white lady from China :)

  2. Congratulations on the big advancement to high school! It will be exciting for all of you. Love the little dog. And you really know how to pose for a picture, don't you? :-)