Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that......

Caveman violence as a result of evil caveman face.....

Evil Caveman face

This past weekend resulted in a crazy house full of 14year olds...overall they were a pretty low maintance group. My daughter has had some strange fabricated gnome fear for over a year now...so when Gnomeo and Juliet came out...her friends were oh so excited!! She was the recepient of the "How to Surivive a Garden Gnome Attack" book and we all went to see the movie with our own personal garden gnome in tow...she claimed she was going to overcome her fear! It was a silly giggly night, and I actually had a good time, and a good laugh at the book!!
  • And then Monday was President's Day. Our daughter's school used it as a make-up day for all the recent snow and sick days...so silly mom drove Sammy to preschool and expected a very sad boy when the school was dark and quiet - which keeps schedule with our public school system. When I turned to the back seat and informed him of the national holiday, strangely his face LIGHTS up and I get a joyous "REALLY!!!" He was so pleasant all the way home! Once out of the car, he charged through house running room to room, then joins me in the kitchen and melts into a pile of tears at my feet....he wanted to know why he didn't get gifts on "PRESENTS Day!!!" Poor, poor little guy! Once I figured it out, we loaded back up in the car and went to Barnes and Nobles for some new books....
  • and last but not least...any parenting advice on how to tame the neanderthals??? (and, I won't let Will be painted as the bad guy, truth is...Sam's probably more aggressive...Will just got a good shot in)

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Baby is 14 years old!!!

Jessa and her BFF Hannah - Getting 5 kids to smile?....hmmmm maybe not

My beautiful girl!

Check out this cutey cowboy!

First of all, y'all have noticed me talking alot about the influence of boys lately....aparently my 7 yo isn't immune! I was shocked to see that her cowboy buddy down the street had talked her into tying up her beloved American Girl doll to the mailbox and holding her hostage!! HOWEVER! the little girl in her would not be outdone! After a few minutes of "shoot 'em up" she decided it was time to let her go. They then found a magical spell to erase her memory of the whole thing and they decided to be her parents . HAHAHAHA~ I told her she might still need a good therapist when she grew up....she furrowed her brow shrugged her shoulders and ran off with Jeramy to play "cowboy husband and wife"
Second....MY BABY IS 14!!!! Wow! Time flies....It's amazing how fast it's gone by...I can't believe she will be leaving the nest in just a few shortshort years. I'm really trying to treasure her because I relize how quick she is going to be moving on. I have sooooo many parents ask me or comment about awful teenagers and SO FAR! I have to say we've been just amazingly blessed! She really such a joy! We've had a few blips on the screen, but I'm really so proud of her I could just burst! She's funny, goofy, a straight A student, involved at school, volunteers at the Catholic Action Center, not crazy into herself or boys (thank the Lord) she still thinks I'm pretty great and we spend tons of time together...EVEN in public...GASP! She even gave up a trip to China because she worried her siblings would flip if both of us were gone (especially Sam...she's DEFINETLY his second mamma) Oh, and and update on the first boyfriend....only lasted 2 months...but had another one "ask her out" the VERY NEXT DAY after SHE broke up with the first!!! Praise God she decided those stinky boys were too much work!!!!! (OH HAPPY DAY) I'm not sure when or if the other shoe will drop but for now, I'm just going to enjoy this joyful stroll down Adolescent Lane!!! LOVE YOU BABY GIRL, keep it up..your one in a million!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worthy of sharing....

Will was evaluated by University of Cinicinati Children's Hospital Spina Bifida Team yesterday. They were a wonderful thorough group...we were there 3 hours and that didn't include neuro! The gist was...he looked WONDERFUL...go home and let him be a kid and come back in a year!!! Music to my ears!!! He is scheduled for his MRI still and we go back to see neuro after that, but from all his other evaluations...I THINK I know what to expect, he looks so great physicially even the team said they'd be surprised to see anything but a typical post op sb kid!! Mike and I both knew in our hearts he was fine...but it sure is fabulous to hear it from the specialist...now, we need a good MRI and we will let the good time roll!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Second...Valentines Day....Don't you have a feeling St. Valentine NEVER invisioned this??? I love my husband, and I love a little romance now then...but REALLY!!! All this has become a big fabricated holiday for Hallmark and the floral industry! I told Mike to send me flowers when he wants to NOT on Feb 14th when the prices are jacked because he's guilted into it!!! BUT is that not the most obnoxious box of chocolates EVER???? The kids love the little To/From card and the candies...but lets stop there people!! I've read some blog and seen some homemade crazy stuff!!! it's about bad candy hearts and that's IT!!

Third...post adoption bliss...don't you LOVE it when everyone get's along, and settles into a nice little routine by week 2-3? NOT!!!!!!

My boys have become neanderthals and I've become a refree. It's temporary, It's transition, but at times, it kinda sucks. We are running about 60/40%...60% nice...40% not...

Unfortunately has alot to do with me being alone with the boy...which is just FABULOUS for me!! Sammy's a mommy's boy, he's figured out Will's not leaving...Will's decided he likes mom...when there are two boys, one mom...you figure it out! This causes constant competition over not just me, but EVERYTHING!! Toys, Floor space, cups, oxygen...there are rarely TWO happy boys when it's just me at home. They deal with it by bobbing each other over the head with what ever is in there hand...very caveman...and pushing and fighting...also very caveman...

Hence, my new nickname..."The neanderthals" Love those boys....but I missed the memo on the constant pushing fighting rolling ect...
They have now each fallen down our stairs as a result of the other...no kidding!!! Full flight of stairs!!! I'm sure I going to the ER soon!!! I'll post and let you know when it happens..although, I'm hoping not!
Funny thing is as soon as there are two parent....crazy caveman button turns off...Will has Mike back..Sam has mommy...All in the universe is ok once again!!!
This to shall pass, and I knew it was coming and I even tried to prepare -I know my poor little guys have had their little world just ROCKED!! and all things considering, they are doing VERY well! just this rowdy roughness is a bit hard for all of us at times! Sam was never one of "those boys" the ones that knock all the other kids over...the ones that run and scream everywhere he goes, he carried a pink princess barbie more than an action figure and prefered Cinderella to Power Rangers until 2 weeks ago!!!

....God is with me and will give strength until it does pass....

(vodka doesn't hurt either on the nights Mike's home!!!) ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I interupt this reguarlly scheduled blog.......

For an EEEEWWWW!!!!! a WOW!!!!!! a YEAH and an OMG!!!!!!!

1. The EWWWWW.........

most of us here are adoptive mom's and all I've got to say is STOOL CULTURES and GAG REFLEX....eeewwwww!!!! Make's me not want to adopt again for about 2 days(don't worry family and friends the house if full!)....and I'm a health care professional. People ask me if Gynecology is gross...NO poop is gross! I tip my hat to all you GI docs out there. My gag reflex couldn't handle that profession.

2. The WOW

Will likes his mamma MOST of the time. This includes holding, kisses and touching!!! I love my husband, but we just had to get rid of him to bond. As soon as he was gone, we made this amazing progress. As soon he walks in the room, all other humans seace to exist. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to see him with his Daddy, and I LOVE that they are so bonded, it's a sweet wonderful thing. Will and I sent all the other littles to school and had this fabulous morning by ourselves. I saw sides of his personality I didn't even know about yet. He's this amazing helper. Followed me around and helped me unload/load the dishwasher, helpdr me makes snacks and played and giggled the whole time, then as soon as we were done takes off running and gives me this devilish smile, wrinkly nose and wiggly finger like "come and catch me" and then takes off running...well....who can resist that!!! After a good 10 minutes of you can't catch me, we had a great tickle kissy wrestling match on the floor!!!! FABULOUS!!! I'm in love!

3. The YEAH!

The urologist gave Will a thumbs up! Normal kidney's, normal bladder!!! WOOHOOO!
He said only mild bladder wall thickening which indicated mild bladder spasm which was GREAT for a 4yo with SB! He thinks he will potty train w/o any intervention. At most he MIGHT need low dose meds if a year from now we felt the dribbling was a big problem but doubted it. He need one more test in April to r/o reflux just to be thorough and to f/u on potty training and if all is well just yearly after that!!!! YEAH AGAIN! My biggest SB worry so far has been bladder so I'm very pleased with that! We go to clinic at Children's on Monday for our BIG workup and will see a second uro who wants to give us a second opinion. (they are 2h away, and we wanted someone local because we thought this could be our biggest issue - AND this guy used to be the SB uro at our local clinic until they dissolved it a few yrs ago)

4. The OMG

yesterday was my 40th birthday...**sigh** Overall I'm ok with it. Still feel and am doing about 80% of what I was doing a decade ago (no more 5am spin classes 2 -3 days a week) and still am within 5lbs of my weight when I got married. However...SAYING I'm 40 is like nails on the chalk board...it makes my teeth hurt and the hair on my neck stand up...God help me the first time I have check THAT box on a form somewhere...**sigh**

It was my husbands first day back at work and I admitly said I didn't want a party or to go anywhere...however about 2d ago I relized there was big difference between a party and sitting home with the kids on your 40th so I hinted he might call my girlfriends to come over. I was expecting two and Pizza/wings and a bottle of wine...I ended up with @10 of my closest family and friends and nice little rowdy group that I had tons of history with! We laughed at old pics...everything from horrid hair, baby photos, to twenty something pre kid bikini shots. **sigh** Thanks guys for a great night down memory lane!!! and in the grand scheme of things...I'm Damn proud of my 40 year old life!!! Thanks God for my many, many blessings...you've been awfully good to me and I know I'd never be here without my faith!
and the pics at the top....third one ....lost the boys, found them in the pantry, door closed playing cars

and the the one of the girls is Catholic Schools Week "Decade Day"...you've got two hippies and a girl of the 2000's...ipod, cell phone and all!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comin' Along!

Our first week as a family has been a success! Will is a happy guy and is loving "pack life". He truly enjoys his siblings and plays great! He gives lots of love and I can't say the scuffles are any different than any other siblings and for the most part he accepts the parenting intervention better than I would expect. Here's what I'm learning about Will

1. He is NOT a morning person. He wakes up a grump and he and I are usually at ground zero for about 30m every morning. I am not allowed to look at him, let alone touch or say good morning. Mike is dealing with this by holding him, but if he wants anything to eat or drink he has to ask me and say thank you mama.

2. He DEFINETLY understands most english at this point. He gets do you want brocolli? (shakes head yes or no) Potatoes? (same) ect... He's speaking about 5-6 SENTENCES. and when he has something to say usually spits out a sentence and not a word.

3. The kid LOVES banana's. Usually eats two at a time at least twice a day...Little monkey!

4. He now cries for Mamma more than daddy and wants me close to him but I'm still not allowed to touch. He gets upset if I'm out of site for very long, but still not allowed to touch. I get alot of high fives and even kisses...just not allowed to hold hug or touch. However at nap time and bedtime he crawls on top of me and want to go to sleep laying on me, but won't hardly hold my hand otherwise...interesting huh???

Good news about Tracy!!! She's now home...Sore as heck but being waited on by Team Worrell! See her comment under my last post! Let's continue to pray for her speady recovery! As if adjusting to a new family member weren't enough! GGEESSHH!

Post pics soon, sorry to say I haven't been taking to many pics...I'll work on that!

Will had his first doc appt and we are getting sched at the SB clinic at UC's Children's Hospital soon! Prayers for lots of good news...from my perspective I think he's doing pretty darn good! The potty issue is definetly better! He will go in the potty during the day with very few accident, but need a diaper at night...very strange...sort of the opposite of China!!! Can't figure this stinker out!!!! He NEVER pee'd the bed at night in China...NOT ONCE!

We are getting ready to leave for mass for the first time with five kids...I think we could use some prayer!! HAHAHA! Wish us luck!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayers for my new friend Tracy please!

Those of you who have followed my trip have seen lots of photos and heard me mention Luke and his parents Tracy and Tom. I just got news Tracy is in the hospital having her appendix out and Luke is not taking the seperation well. We are all praising God it happened this week and not last when we where in China!!!!!

Prayers for her and her family! What awful timing and wonderful timing at the same time!!!! Hope you are back to your old self soon dear friend!!! Wish we could come help!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Photos from China and Hong Kong!

Couldn't believe there were 200 pics still on my camera! No one will ever accuse me of not taking enough on this trip! I'm not sure I've even looked at them all myself yet! Our last one's from Guangzhou I got some of our "breakfast club" at the Victory! Mer, Chloe and family! The Gordman's were SOO lucky :) to get to witness our lovely gotcha day in Nanjing and we crossed their paths manymany times the next two weeks! They were such a great family and that little Lucy of theirs was such a cutey! and I just loved GracieMae and her Mom Sally! I would have loved to have spent more time with them! Gracie was amazing! Such a happy girl and so bright and on target! She was such an inspiration...just like her mom!!! I hope to stay in touch with those two! My favorite pic maybe the first one...it pretty much sums up Wills opinion of the whole trip and how he feels about me in general....at least for now ;)

and it's clear how he felt about his red couch photos!!! Luckily Madison was a an angle, and Luke was a great sport! Will needed an exsocism!!! check out him throwing his brand new Asian outfit at us when we tried to just lay it next to him for a pic...NICE
and my friend Suzie I didn't get to see enough of! Love that little Seth! No goodbye pic! Sorry girlfriend! Miss you already!
Hong Kong was JUST amazing! As ready as I was to be home...I am glad we squeezed that in..I've never seen anything like it and I think we saw just one tiny segment of the city! Check out the pretty model in the purple. We stumbled on a photo shoot, and Mike wanted to know if she was Hague approved....hahahaha!!!
Life is still good in here! Jet lag still just a fragement of last trip...the honeymoon continues between Will and Sam. and Will is slowly starting to like his mamma! I got a completely unprovocted hug, and he climbed in my lap a few times! He has called my name to meet his needs a few time...(Not sure why it's when he needs his bottom wiped, but hey I guess I'll take it) and we've played and played tons! I'm pretty sure he thinks he's died and gone to ToysRUs heaven! He just jumps and giggles at all the toys in our house!!! It's very sweet! Everyone's still sleeping through the night!
Yeah Us!! and Praise Jesus!