Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Worthy of sharing....

Will was evaluated by University of Cinicinati Children's Hospital Spina Bifida Team yesterday. They were a wonderful thorough group...we were there 3 hours and that didn't include neuro! The gist was...he looked WONDERFUL...go home and let him be a kid and come back in a year!!! Music to my ears!!! He is scheduled for his MRI still and we go back to see neuro after that, but from all his other evaluations...I THINK I know what to expect, he looks so great physicially even the team said they'd be surprised to see anything but a typical post op sb kid!! Mike and I both knew in our hearts he was fine...but it sure is fabulous to hear it from the specialist...now, we need a good MRI and we will let the good time roll!!!! WOO HOO!!!

Second...Valentines Day....Don't you have a feeling St. Valentine NEVER invisioned this??? I love my husband, and I love a little romance now then...but REALLY!!! All this has become a big fabricated holiday for Hallmark and the floral industry! I told Mike to send me flowers when he wants to NOT on Feb 14th when the prices are jacked because he's guilted into it!!! BUT is that not the most obnoxious box of chocolates EVER???? The kids love the little To/From card and the candies...but lets stop there people!! I've read some blog and seen some homemade crazy stuff!!! it's about bad candy hearts and that's IT!!

Third...post adoption bliss...don't you LOVE it when everyone get's along, and settles into a nice little routine by week 2-3? NOT!!!!!!

My boys have become neanderthals and I've become a refree. It's temporary, It's transition, but at times, it kinda sucks. We are running about 60/40%...60% nice...40% not...

Unfortunately has alot to do with me being alone with the boy...which is just FABULOUS for me!! Sammy's a mommy's boy, he's figured out Will's not leaving...Will's decided he likes mom...when there are two boys, one mom...you figure it out! This causes constant competition over not just me, but EVERYTHING!! Toys, Floor space, cups, oxygen...there are rarely TWO happy boys when it's just me at home. They deal with it by bobbing each other over the head with what ever is in there hand...very caveman...and pushing and fighting...also very caveman...

Hence, my new nickname..."The neanderthals" Love those boys....but I missed the memo on the constant pushing fighting rolling ect...
They have now each fallen down our stairs as a result of the other...no kidding!!! Full flight of stairs!!! I'm sure I going to the ER soon!!! I'll post and let you know when it happens..although, I'm hoping not!
Funny thing is as soon as there are two parent....crazy caveman button turns off...Will has Mike back..Sam has mommy...All in the universe is ok once again!!!
This to shall pass, and I knew it was coming and I even tried to prepare -I know my poor little guys have had their little world just ROCKED!! and all things considering, they are doing VERY well! just this rowdy roughness is a bit hard for all of us at times! Sam was never one of "those boys" the ones that knock all the other kids over...the ones that run and scream everywhere he goes, he carried a pink princess barbie more than an action figure and prefered Cinderella to Power Rangers until 2 weeks ago!!!

....God is with me and will give strength until it does pass....

(vodka doesn't hurt either on the nights Mike's home!!!) ;)


  1. Oh Girl,,, I am FEELING you!!! on every point :) these competitive kiddos are picking me apart. and the adjustment with a new little guy has been a long time coming. I am trying to call on God's peace to fill me every day. We need to talk for reals :) My email is amcrawford@windstream.net

  2. I have to say...you're scaring the crap out of me! I know it has to be a really rough transition. I am not looking forward to it at all!!

    With you on the Valentine's Day...so don't get into all of that!!

  3. I raised three boys before we adopted our girls, and I can tell you that not all of the friction is adoption related. Everytime I left the house for even a few minutes, it seemed like bad things happened. One day I came home to find the oldest and the youngest trying to clean up after they had fought and knocked the vacuum down the stairs. I had just cleaned the house (but not put away the vacuum, of course!) and dust was EVERYWHERE. Unfortunately, this wasn't an isolated incident. The funny thing is - I look back and wish I could have had a couple more boys. Yes, I'm certifiably loony, but they were the spice of my life!

  4. Sounds like my house when the big ones were little, and they were not even fighting over the same toy as they are different sexes and really didn't even care for the same things. Its just part of being siblings I guess, so look it at this way, they are just being "normal", and isn't that just great after all they both have gone through. So, keep up the good work, Mom!


  5. PS: My little has no one to fight with and that makes me kinda sad.

  6. Myra, I can't imagine how hard it must be! However, I guess it is a boy's way of bonding? I'm not sure! I'm just happy you guys are home and are all together! The adjustment period will be what it is but one thing is for sure--you guys are awesome parents! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. It has been fun catching up on your life! It is so fun to see all your little ones together. Praying that all the competition turns into pure love :)! Blessings

  8. Such great news about Will!!!! Yippeee!!!! Hoping some of the testosterone tames down soon between the boys!!!

    Love the photo of your girl playing shoot em up with her AG doll!! Priceless!