Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comin' Along!

Our first week as a family has been a success! Will is a happy guy and is loving "pack life". He truly enjoys his siblings and plays great! He gives lots of love and I can't say the scuffles are any different than any other siblings and for the most part he accepts the parenting intervention better than I would expect. Here's what I'm learning about Will

1. He is NOT a morning person. He wakes up a grump and he and I are usually at ground zero for about 30m every morning. I am not allowed to look at him, let alone touch or say good morning. Mike is dealing with this by holding him, but if he wants anything to eat or drink he has to ask me and say thank you mama.

2. He DEFINETLY understands most english at this point. He gets do you want brocolli? (shakes head yes or no) Potatoes? (same) ect... He's speaking about 5-6 SENTENCES. and when he has something to say usually spits out a sentence and not a word.

3. The kid LOVES banana's. Usually eats two at a time at least twice a day...Little monkey!

4. He now cries for Mamma more than daddy and wants me close to him but I'm still not allowed to touch. He gets upset if I'm out of site for very long, but still not allowed to touch. I get alot of high fives and even kisses...just not allowed to hold hug or touch. However at nap time and bedtime he crawls on top of me and want to go to sleep laying on me, but won't hardly hold my hand otherwise...interesting huh???

Good news about Tracy!!! She's now home...Sore as heck but being waited on by Team Worrell! See her comment under my last post! Let's continue to pray for her speady recovery! As if adjusting to a new family member weren't enough! GGEESSHH!

Post pics soon, sorry to say I haven't been taking to many pics...I'll work on that!

Will had his first doc appt and we are getting sched at the SB clinic at UC's Children's Hospital soon! Prayers for lots of good news...from my perspective I think he's doing pretty darn good! The potty issue is definetly better! He will go in the potty during the day with very few accident, but need a diaper at night...very strange...sort of the opposite of China!!! Can't figure this stinker out!!!! He NEVER pee'd the bed at night in China...NOT ONCE!

We are getting ready to leave for mass for the first time with five kids...I think we could use some prayer!! HAHAHA! Wish us luck!


  1. So glad to hear things are going good! Good luck today!!

  2. Myra, Will is just amazing! I am glad he is doing well. I have learned so much through your blogs about Will and Sam. Our children are strong and their survival skills got them through their lives in China. So now for a little while, Will as Caileb and Sam did, will have to figure out for himself that he is in a secure and loving family! You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! I'm so happy for you!


  3. Myra, I'm so glad he's relying on you. Must do your heart good, even if there are limits to it. Good luck with the SB clinic appt.


  4. Enjoyed the update. We've adopted 3 times, and the first months are ALWAYS so difficult trying to incorporate a new family member into the pack! It sounds like you're doing great, and I'm glad to hear that the kids are accepting. I wish you well with the SB Clinic and hope you get the answers you need.

  5. Will sounds like he is doing well. Can't wait to hear what the SB clinic finds out. Hoping of course it is all good news for Will and yourself!!!