Friday, February 4, 2011

Prayers for my new friend Tracy please!

Those of you who have followed my trip have seen lots of photos and heard me mention Luke and his parents Tracy and Tom. I just got news Tracy is in the hospital having her appendix out and Luke is not taking the seperation well. We are all praising God it happened this week and not last when we where in China!!!!!

Prayers for her and her family! What awful timing and wonderful timing at the same time!!!! Hope you are back to your old self soon dear friend!!! Wish we could come help!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! Prayers coming. Poor Luke. Seth would FREAK if I were in the hospital. I can't imagine. Hopefully she will have a really quick recovery. Good thing it didn't happen in China. Eeekk...

  2. Oh No!! Thank God it didn't happen in China!! Praying for them all.

  3. They are in my prayers!


  4. Oh that is terrible, They are all in my prayers, if you are in contact with them please give them our best and keep us updated.


  5. Thank you all for your prayers! I am back home today! Sore as heck but have my 4 kids waiting on me and Luke is leading the "lets wait on momma pack" He really did tough it out while I was gone and he shows me more and more daily just how strong he is! We are so in love with this boy! I am going to post some new info on my blog soon! My kiddos are bonding so well it is sort of crazy! Thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers! Miss you Myra, Mike and Will, I cant wait to come meet the rest of your kids. Never in my life have I really wanted to visit Kentucky but you bet we are planning on it now! Love you and miss you! ( one sore but happy to be home momma!)