Thursday, February 10, 2011

I interupt this reguarlly scheduled blog.......

For an EEEEWWWW!!!!! a WOW!!!!!! a YEAH and an OMG!!!!!!!

1. The EWWWWW.........

most of us here are adoptive mom's and all I've got to say is STOOL CULTURES and GAG REFLEX....eeewwwww!!!! Make's me not want to adopt again for about 2 days(don't worry family and friends the house if full!)....and I'm a health care professional. People ask me if Gynecology is gross...NO poop is gross! I tip my hat to all you GI docs out there. My gag reflex couldn't handle that profession.

2. The WOW

Will likes his mamma MOST of the time. This includes holding, kisses and touching!!! I love my husband, but we just had to get rid of him to bond. As soon as he was gone, we made this amazing progress. As soon he walks in the room, all other humans seace to exist. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE to see him with his Daddy, and I LOVE that they are so bonded, it's a sweet wonderful thing. Will and I sent all the other littles to school and had this fabulous morning by ourselves. I saw sides of his personality I didn't even know about yet. He's this amazing helper. Followed me around and helped me unload/load the dishwasher, helpdr me makes snacks and played and giggled the whole time, then as soon as we were done takes off running and gives me this devilish smile, wrinkly nose and wiggly finger like "come and catch me" and then takes off running...well....who can resist that!!! After a good 10 minutes of you can't catch me, we had a great tickle kissy wrestling match on the floor!!!! FABULOUS!!! I'm in love!

3. The YEAH!

The urologist gave Will a thumbs up! Normal kidney's, normal bladder!!! WOOHOOO!
He said only mild bladder wall thickening which indicated mild bladder spasm which was GREAT for a 4yo with SB! He thinks he will potty train w/o any intervention. At most he MIGHT need low dose meds if a year from now we felt the dribbling was a big problem but doubted it. He need one more test in April to r/o reflux just to be thorough and to f/u on potty training and if all is well just yearly after that!!!! YEAH AGAIN! My biggest SB worry so far has been bladder so I'm very pleased with that! We go to clinic at Children's on Monday for our BIG workup and will see a second uro who wants to give us a second opinion. (they are 2h away, and we wanted someone local because we thought this could be our biggest issue - AND this guy used to be the SB uro at our local clinic until they dissolved it a few yrs ago)

4. The OMG

yesterday was my 40th birthday...**sigh** Overall I'm ok with it. Still feel and am doing about 80% of what I was doing a decade ago (no more 5am spin classes 2 -3 days a week) and still am within 5lbs of my weight when I got married. However...SAYING I'm 40 is like nails on the chalk makes my teeth hurt and the hair on my neck stand up...God help me the first time I have check THAT box on a form somewhere...**sigh**

It was my husbands first day back at work and I admitly said I didn't want a party or to go anywhere...however about 2d ago I relized there was big difference between a party and sitting home with the kids on your 40th so I hinted he might call my girlfriends to come over. I was expecting two and Pizza/wings and a bottle of wine...I ended up with @10 of my closest family and friends and nice little rowdy group that I had tons of history with! We laughed at old pics...everything from horrid hair, baby photos, to twenty something pre kid bikini shots. **sigh** Thanks guys for a great night down memory lane!!! and in the grand scheme of things...I'm Damn proud of my 40 year old life!!! Thanks God for my many, many've been awfully good to me and I know I'd never be here without my faith!
and the pics at the top....third one ....lost the boys, found them in the pantry, door closed playing cars

and the the one of the girls is Catholic Schools Week "Decade Day"'ve got two hippies and a girl of the 2000's...ipod, cell phone and all!!!


  1. Love the update Myra! Glad to see you have stopped being "that evil stupid American woman, people call my mom" sorry couldnt resist. (no Will did not call her that, it was just our translation form his tone heheh). Love ya girl!
    Sounds like you and the Willster are getting along great! I knew that boy was gonna love his momma, we all did so how could he not! We love you guys and I am glad to see you are all doing so well. Hey have you heard from Lisa? and can you give me her blog address I still dont have it. At this point I am praying she still isnt in China. Love ya,

  2. Happy birthday, Myra. Sounds like "life" back to normal. The boys look so cute playing together. Love the pix!


  3. Tracy...I'm pretty sure that what he WAS saying in Madarin...! Remember "the LOOK"?? email you today!

  4. Myra, these pictures are so unbelievably sweet! To see them playing together again has got to be such a joy for you!! Amazing!!

    Happy Birthday!!!! I'll be following you in a couple of months!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Myra! It doesn't get depressing until you check the age ranges on forms and you're no longer in the 38-44, that type of thing. But still, growing old definitely beats the alternative. Glad to hear that you are bonding with Will. There seemed to be a definite trend in the parents who traveled this past month-made me think I should leave the hubby at home :-) So glad to hear good news from you.


  6. What a wonderful update and Happy Birthday. I am so glad that Will is doing well and getting along with mom better!

  7. My little girl is finally realizing that Daddy is...AWESOME!!!

    That's weird, I totally took you for being 109!! Just kidding! I thought you were my age or less...36.

  8. Just wait till you get to check the box that says "over 50"... ugh!!! (I'm still 30 at heart!) :)

    So very glad about the good news on Will's bladder. Such a wonderful blessing for a SB child!

  9. Wonderful news, Myra! Especially that Will will let you hold and touch him now! And no bladder issues! Praise the Lord! When I was 40, I became a grandmother!! That little baby is driving now and 40 sounds YOUNG to me! Its all a matter of perspective. We leave next Friday for our sweet little Kimi!! Can you believe it?

  10. Happy Birthday Myra!!! 40 is young. When you're 80, we'll talk ;)

    So glad to hear about Will's medical "thumbs up" and about your awesome bonding with him. Hoorah! Miss that little mischievous grin. Love that Will.

  11. Happy birthday, Myra! What a difference a couple of weeks makes! Will has done incredibly well! I'm thinking of you guys!

  12. Glad Will's tests came out good!!

    Now onto the important stuff, Welcome to the 40's!!! Happy Birthday!!