Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Photos from China and Hong Kong!

Couldn't believe there were 200 pics still on my camera! No one will ever accuse me of not taking enough on this trip! I'm not sure I've even looked at them all myself yet! Our last one's from Guangzhou I got some of our "breakfast club" at the Victory! Mer, Chloe and family! The Gordman's were SOO lucky :) to get to witness our lovely gotcha day in Nanjing and we crossed their paths manymany times the next two weeks! They were such a great family and that little Lucy of theirs was such a cutey! and I just loved GracieMae and her Mom Sally! I would have loved to have spent more time with them! Gracie was amazing! Such a happy girl and so bright and on target! She was such an inspiration...just like her mom!!! I hope to stay in touch with those two! My favorite pic maybe the first pretty much sums up Wills opinion of the whole trip and how he feels about me in least for now ;)

and it's clear how he felt about his red couch photos!!! Luckily Madison was a an angle, and Luke was a great sport! Will needed an exsocism!!! check out him throwing his brand new Asian outfit at us when we tried to just lay it next to him for a pic...NICE
and my friend Suzie I didn't get to see enough of! Love that little Seth! No goodbye pic! Sorry girlfriend! Miss you already!
Hong Kong was JUST amazing! As ready as I was to be home...I am glad we squeezed that in..I've never seen anything like it and I think we saw just one tiny segment of the city! Check out the pretty model in the purple. We stumbled on a photo shoot, and Mike wanted to know if she was Hague approved....hahahaha!!!
Life is still good in here! Jet lag still just a fragement of last trip...the honeymoon continues between Will and Sam. and Will is slowly starting to like his mamma! I got a completely unprovocted hug, and he climbed in my lap a few times! He has called my name to meet his needs a few time...(Not sure why it's when he needs his bottom wiped, but hey I guess I'll take it) and we've played and played tons! I'm pretty sure he thinks he's died and gone to ToysRUs heaven! He just jumps and giggles at all the toys in our house!!! It's very sweet! Everyone's still sleeping through the night!
Yeah Us!! and Praise Jesus!


  1. Unprovoked hugs and wiping of butts-- man you must have gone to heaven!!!! Honestly, that is pretty cool. I figure they will have to figure it out eventually and when they get home and realize how much we are mom there, they will follow suit. Totally happy for you!!

    Finley is doing well and I am getting to hold her while walking and play and I am the go to girl with pee but dad still has the edge on me with poo-- im kind of ok with that one :) Bonding is great and we even had an interview with a film crew today while they are making a doucmentary. Very cool. Anyway, we are flying out tomorrow which by the way is not a moment too soon! Cant wait to be on American soil-- I will write you once we are home-- miss you tons,


  2. Well, it was great meeting you guys, too!

    Nice shots of Hong Kong, we were only there over night: got in late and left early.

  3. Glad you're able to sleep, that you're getting hugs, that you're wiping his butt (a need is a need, right?). I hope it won't be long before you can do a before and after picture of Will to sum up how he feels about life here in the States and his family.

    My best,

  4. I just love that first picture. I would love to hear his take on it in a couple of years. (You may have another just like it in his teen years!I know I do!)

  5. Sounds like Will is coming around - slowly, but most definitely, surely!

  6. I'm so glad things are going well. The best part is that you're not struggling with the jetlag!! That makes everything so much better. what a sweet reunion with your kids!!

  7. Glad to hear that life is getting back to a routine. Can't help but wonder how the diaper issue is going and if things are getting a little better in that area. With Will enjoying your other son so much, how does he feel about your girls?