Monday, January 31, 2011

Home Sweet home!!!!

Arrived safe and sound last night at 6P. It was a pretty uneventful trip expect for the VERYVERY full plane and our very cramped quarters. Will was a GREAT traveler. Slept about 8hrs and only got fussy about 45m before he fell asleep. Mike and I neither one slept at all for over 24h but fortuately we slept all night last night....(Will is STILL asleep actually) and I woke up feeling surprisingly well.. Hope it sticks but I'm not going to hold my breath!

It was sooo wonderful to be reunited with out family. Will was at first a bit reserved but warmed up quickly and was running around here playing like he owned the place in no time at all. He let Kenna pick him up and hold him (I'm not allowed to do that!) and was giving everyone high fives and goodnight kisses! The evening was a huge success! He and Sam played great together and shared just fine! A wonderful honeymoon indeed!

My friend Cydil is a professional photographer and met us at the airport and has already! emailed us the best of the best! I'll let the pictures tell the rest! What an amazing gift she gave us! It was so much more relaxing for me just to be able to enjoy everyone and not worry about snapping pictures! I think many of you have seen my behind the couch spread from the spring! I'm quite proud if it! ( If's in my May blog entry) She is very talented, so if any of my local friends need me for her number! I give her an A+ for LOTS of reasons!!!! THANK YOU CYDIL I LOVE YOU!!!!

I also want to give props to my wonderful brother and sister in law Tom and Terry for not only staying over with my kids but for having my laundry done and the WONDERFUL hot homecooked meal waiting for us! The airplane food was HORRIBLE~ I'm not picky (for goodness sake I ate cow intestines!) and I didn't eat but a few mouthfuls for 24hours and I was starving!!! THANKYOU!!!! Terry and I caught this priceless conversation between Sam and Will last night...

They were playing trains and Will turns to Sam and gives him a 3 or 4 sentence comment in's Sam's reply

"What you say? Are you talkin that Chinese? Why are you talking that Chinese?"

Will of course just stares at him blankly in silence...again Sam says

"Will, are you talkin Chinese???"
again, now Sam gives him a big sigh and puts a hand on his hip and says..

"OK, if that's what you gotta do"
I would have given a million bucks for video of that!!!
Everyone I know has bragged to me how wonderful all my kids did while we were gone and I am one proud Mamma! Jessa was a wonderful sub-mommy and I think ran the show even when the sitters where here! Sammy was so brave, but brought a few tears to everyones eyes after he waited until we got off the plane and then just let it all out and cried and cried once he got with his mamma and daddy....poor little guy :(


  1. Welcome home, Myra!

    I'm sure there were some tears to go around at this reunion. Glad Will took to the kids so quickly and that he slept on the flight. Hope you are all able to get rest and readjust quickly.


  2. Welcome Home, I am glad Will got some sleep on the plane. I am so thankful that we got to meet on this trip, you have a wonderful, beautiful family.

    Can't wait to hear how life is with 5, Life with one is crazy enough for me right now :)

  3. thanks for the kind words, Myra! It was a thrill to witness firsthand your kids meeting their brother in person for the first time. Glad to hear you all got a good night's sleep!

  4. Myra, It was so nice to meet you in China. I too wish we had more time. You are really sweet and fun to be around! I was going to comment on what wonderful homecoming photos and then to read your post and see they are from a professional photographer, well it made me not feel so bad for my lack of great homecoming photos!!!!

  5. Welcome home! We'd love to bring you guys dinner - let me know when would be good.

  6. Welcome Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad that Will did well on the trip home. I was thinking of you guys!!! Hope the next step in family bonding goes well. I'm anxious to watch the progress! Take care and get some rest! :0)

  7. So fun meeting you in China! What a fun homecoming and sweet pictures of your darling family! Hopefully you are adjusting to life at home and getting some sleep :)! Blessings Julie

  8. What beautiful pictures. They really don't need words. Glad you had a wonderful trip, now the fun begins!

  9. What great pictures! And that was adorable what Sam said. I would love to be able to meet your sweet kids. We had a great time hanging out with you all in "that China." Hope to stay in touch!

    (And I totally hear you on that airplane food comment...ours was the worst I have ever had!)

  10. God is so good! I am thankful that you all are home safe. What beautiful pictures of your family reuniting. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your journey!! Tears of joy are rolling down my face.

  11. What a great homecoming! The excitement was in your eyes, girl! I am so happy that you guys are at home! Please keep posting as to how well things are going. Sam is just too funny!

  12. Mike and Myra,

    I have followed your journey and my heart has been touched the entire way. The pics from tonight got me! I cried when I saw your homecoming. This is such a blessing and so very special. I am thankful for the addition of your new son to your family.

    Kim Justice Friend

  13. Home at last. Yeah!! Such a wonderful post and FAB pictures!! What a relief to have our families united. Finally. Hoorah!!

  14. My dear friend,

    Im so happy you are home and so jealous at the same time-- as we sit in our hotel room with two more nights to go. I am so happy Will did so well on the plane and that you are now home safe and sound. We miss you so much here and wish we had more time with you.

    Lets talk soon. Big Hugs!!!