Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh what a day!!!

I know I got some anxious mamma's and babba's in the states with their noses all but pushed up against the computer screen waiting...the brief is I had a WONDERFUL! visit with all your children and I can tell you they are just BEAUTIFUL!!! all looked wonderfully taken care of and happy healthy and I'd loved to have had about another 1/2 hour with each but they didn't give us tons of time....Kira was so sweet, smiled, made eye contact had wonderful manners and played the piano!!! She's amazing! She has a sweetness about her and I just know she'll blossom in her family! Kimi's lucky I didn't stick her in my suitcase!!! The minute I spoke to her she just had this genuine full faced smile that lit up the room. You can tell she's a happy girl!! AND when I picked her up she wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a real squeeze and a kiss!!! (melt my heart...that's when I wanted to steal her) I don't think it hurt I just gave her stickers candy and a stuffed animal! and Jacob was soooo excited to see us! His little arms just waved back and forth when I showed him his presents but he was so bundled he couldn't get his hands on them! He LOVED the phone! I didn't get to pick him up because by the time I got all the dumb packaging off the gifts (think Christmas morning with a big crowd watching you trying to get them out!) and I took some pictures they rushed into the next room! But seriously, I'm not sure they come much cuter than that little guy! Ignore the pink coat...our Sammy was in pink EVERY picture we got! I wish I'd gotten better pics of Kira and Kimi, but our guide was the photographer, so my apologies! I have a whole other story to tell from our perspective...but we are tierd and I know if I were in my Huaian friends shoes...I'd be DYING to see my children so I wanted to get these up asap...then it's rest time for the DeLuca's and hopefully another post later!!! Will did ALOT better than was emotional for him..but nothing like CA! So overall the day was a GREAT success....Thanks be to God!!!
oh, and the picture of the little fella in the yellow was a hoot! I peeked in on Jacob to see if he was playing with his toys on our way out and the little guy next to him was giving it all he had to climb over into the crib with him to get the toys....I have a feeling he was succesful if the nanny's didn't stop him!
having trouble uploading video....gggrrrr!!! I have this FABULOUS one of Kimi and Kira with her playing the piano, but it might be to big...still working...stay tuned!


  1. OH MYRA-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! How can I EVER thank you enough - for taking the time to hold Kimi, for writing about her, for the photos, for the gifts for her - thank you SO much!! I will also write you privately. Thanks a thousand times!

    Kathy (Kimi's happy mama!)

  2. Oh Myra...these are precious! What an amazing gift for these parents and children! they are all so precious. I can't wait to hear about the visit for you and hear all the details! So sleep fast...then post again!!! lol...
    Love ya!!

  3. Precious babies! I'm glad you had a good day, and congratulations to the parents who got new pictures this morning. What an incredible gift!

  4. AHHH! What a treasure to wake up to! It is such a gift to know that Kira is happy and well cared for.

    We can not wait to have her home! I second the comment about a fast sleep (: Can not wait to hear all you have to say about the visit.

    Thank you is not enough.


  5. These are wonderful, Myra; I know just how much their moms and dads are thanking God for you right now!


  6. THANK YOU!!! I am sitting here crying. You have made me one happy mama! The last picture we got he was sad looking and he looks so much happier here and this is the second best gift I could have (the first holding him personally.) Thank you for loving on our babies.