Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh what a day!!! DeLuca perspective

The orphanage visit...isn't it the most anticipated and dreaded part of the whole trip??Can't say it was any different for us! It was a long awful drive from Nanjing! The weather this week has been horrid and on a good day it's 2.5h, but in sleety snow storm it's more! Will was GREAT in the car! Never cried and never peed! and was completely entertained by watching the cars most of the time. BOTH WAYS! and the way back we sat in a complete stand still traffic jam for over an hour! What a little trooper!

When we first exited the car he held tight to Mike's hand and clung to him when he saw some of the staff (good right!) Then he saw a nanny we were told he was close to and he ran to her, she scooped him up and he hugged her neck tightly. (very sweet) There is a picture of the group walking in and him holding her hand and another of us with her at the door. He left her easily enough and went inside without much fuss. We went in the orphanage a completely different way than our last visit and it was very eye opening at the poor condition of the building. Some rooms had new floor and fresh paint, but others were VERY sad, almost unlivable. The new orphange is suppose to be ready in June...let's pray! In the back entrance there is a wall of about 20 photos, there is the one Daisy sent me of Will and Leah in the pot as babies and when Kira comes home I hope you get to see the one of she and Sammy playing the flute! It was very exciting for me to those pictures!!! I was very preoccupied with Kimi and Kira, and Will took off and visited with the nannies and children while we enjoyed our visit. Mike said he hid and cried when he saw him a few times but was easily redirected. As my impression from last time, the staff there is loving and fabulous. They seem to genuinely love the children (excluding the one "head" nanny I had been "warned" about prior to Sam's visit and had bad vibes with last time and once again she came across very harsh and negative..but we just ignore her! Watch the video and guess who) The kids all had easy smiles seemed well fed. It's of course very emotional to see rooms of orphans some with very major special needs but they were happy children. I didn't get to walk around much as I was visiting with Jacob and when we were ushered to leave I briefly saw Sammy's main nanny who VERY affectionately greeted me. It was only about a 10 second interaction and I was being ushered out the hall. I got down the first set of stairs and hear 4 nanny's yelling in Chinese...I turn around and they all stop me...and very affectionately start communicating with me how happy they are we have adopted two and how much they love Zhang Liang. I am then smoothered in hugs and cheek kisses...I'd held it together until that point, but to say the least...the water works broke then!!! They then start taking off their top smocks and get out their cell phones and we had about a 5 minute photo session in the stair well. I got one of them and me with Sam's nanny. A few couldn't operate the other cell and they were getting obviously upset at not getting the photos. It willl truely be one of my most precious memeories of China. These wonderful hardworking women were so genunine and grateful for us to give these boys homes. When I said goodbye then again smoothered me with cheek kisses and freely cried clutching their chests...I left part of my heart in that stairwell with those women who cared for my sons. I hated that Mike missed it and I was completely lost and couldn't find my group...they had no idea what was taking so long and Mike was just a few moment from coming to find me! The director was waiting for us at the car. The orphanage had a photographer following us around and he took some pics with the director. As if I weren't emotional at this point...he'd obviously been crying and gave Mike and I a very poignant goodbye wish. He didn't say much to Zhang Liang just touched his head and placed his face in his hair and literally jogged to his car...I choked a sob at that point and felt like I was in a Hallmark movie....and was READY to go! Will ran fromMike at first and didn't want to leave which I think is testement to how well he was treated. But he stooped down with him..(no guide) and whispered in his ear, then he reached up for him and he carried him to the car..WHAT A RELIEF~~ Will had been hanging out with Dr Zhang who is the head doc and is who are children are named after and I was glad I got a quick pic. Our visit was very busy and on the go and I didnt' get many organized pic of the group this time, but I'm sooo glad we all came and got to see everyone and Will got to say goodbye. I didn't get to see it...but he actually hugged his nanny's!! :)
I sooo enjoyed visiting with the children waiting to come home. Last time myheart literally broke because so few children at the time were being adopted from Huaian and I cried so many tears for those kids. Sammy was the first to leave in over a year and before that Leah was the first to leave in about 2 years that Daisy and I knew of. It's so amazing what a change since our last visit! There are 4 waiting to go home now and @4-5 that I know of since Sam has left! AMAZING and PRAISE GOD! Even more so, I had met Kira and Kimi briefly last visit! So my heart was just singing getting to see them again and this time to visit for their parents!!! YES!!
and let's not forget lunch! It was apparently Huaian food. It was a bit different than what we had eaten but pretty good...I DEFINETLY stepped outside my box! I ate sheep meat, cow stomache and black chicken...(I didn't want to know WHY the chicken was black...) and I think intestines (ICK! that was the only thing that made my stomache flip!) I thought it was salted duck which is yummy! The group we ate with was great and personal, we had some very touching toasts made! and thank goodness they ordered beer, because I sure needed one after that visit!
and then off to Will's finding spot which was not where we had been told in his medical. It changed my idea of his birthmother and I have a feeling she wasn't from Huaian.
It was a very different wonderful visit and I'm soooo glad we all came. I had a misconception that because I had been once it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't go again...but let me tell ya, I woudln't have missed that for the world!
ATTENTION!!!!! We have video!!! go to the right side bar under "links I like" and click on "My youtube videos" and enjoy!!!! and Just to clarify...I did get permission before posting all photos and video :) WOOHOO so happy to share!


  1. Great, great post Myra. A day you'll never forget. Those photos will be a treasure to Will the rest of his life.

  2. What a great day!!! I teared up reading your post about the hall in the stiars. Totally amazing. You are so lucky to have had that interaction. We are in SEoul right now waiting for our plane to Shenyang so we will see you very soon.


  3. So glad the trip was worth it and not the trauma you were worried about.


  4. I am so choked up thinking with your description of the director. I am amazed by that and think it's so incredibly selfless that he listed Will for adoption! What an amazing day. I'm so happy for you!!

    Now you can go off to GZ and hopefully enjoy some much better and warmer weather!! You're on your way home now!!