Tuesday, January 25, 2011


As adoptive parents you spend so much time thinking and worrying about bonding. For me at least I was a little less worried this time. I felt like I knew it would eventually come. I had gotten enough hints that Will was well loved and a bit of an orphange favorite that I wasn't worried about some of the big scaries like RAD and luckily I think we've already gotten past worries of that. We are doing the normal things that I expect on the China trip...two steps forward, one step back..great days...ok days. Last night was his first poor night. He grieved alot cried alot. It was the first time I'd seen him REALLY grieve since the first few days. But I know we will see it manymanymany more times to come. His English is slow coming...but we are communicating fine...everyone's needs are being met and luckily we have some Mandarin speaking acquaintances in our back pockets at home we will defiently be needing this adoption! I've learned TONS this trip. My Mandarin is picking up alot quicker than Will's English and with our new friends opening up our experiences to the deaf world my sign language is also picking up. I feel so smart :)

Speaking of our new friends...that brings me to another topic about bonding. This trip has been totally different for Mike and I. Especially Mike. We didn't have an agency group we traveled with last time. I had established friendships from RQ and chatgroups and still cherish those women, but even that was different. We have has SO much fun spending days touring and appointments with these families. We've been so fortunate that all of our personalities have really clicked, our children have gravitated to each other as they are used to being with other children, and I am VERY surprised how bonded I feel to these people who were almost strangers just a few weeks ago. Tracy and I had become chat friends before arriving but other than that...we didn't know each other. Now, I can tell you I get a lump in my throat at the thought of goodbye to these families...especially the kids.....and I have a feeling it's likely mutual...check out the "boy love" going on in the pics....hahahaha!!!! and as us girls we saying...that doesn't always happen quick and easy for our guys!
Here is the brief recap of our day yesterday...we went to the riverfront after breakfast with Lisa Wayne and Madison and enjoyed the dancing, birdy hackysac, and excersizing that is so typical down there. I just love the atmosphere! We met a sweet little guy with a new remote control helicopter who obviously needed some Baba help, (his Mama just watched) so Mike and Wayne filled in and the kids played with him for awhile. After we went to the playground and Will and Madison had a blast and wore themselves out! We met up with Tracy, Tom and Luke and went a park recommended by our guide Connie. We had to take two cabs due to the size of our group and inadvertnetly got let off at two different entrances. It let to a funny story for later...we eventally were reunited and had a great day...there was a small amusement park in the center. If you've noticed, Will usually has his serious face on in pic...like Sam he'll laugh and play until you put the camera in front of your face..BUT I did catch a few smile pics yesterday and ther IS a dimple in that cutey smile after all!!!
After it was dinner at Lucy's and I've never seen a grown man more happy for tea than Wayne! It was a FUNFUN tiring day! Luke doesn't LOVE having him pic made but he too was in all the fun and I just love that little guy to pieces and he love Mike to pieces :) Today is Consulate appt day...I miss my kids alot, and it's getting time to go home and start our life as a complete family. I don't think they are reading the blog, but if they are...I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!! Hugs and can't wait to see your sweet sweet faces!
Bowe gang...send me and email...yours didn't make it to China! and by the way relatives, we can receive emails!

It's tuly amazing how much different bonding can happen on a little island in a few days between all kinds of new families.


  1. I could not imagine not traveling with out another family. I am looking forward to heading home and seeing family but I will miss our new friends.

    Also, we tried "your" restaurant tonight and LOVED it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. You are right...there is such a bond between the families who walk through this life changing event together. We made some GREAT friends in our travel group too. We are just so sad that we are scattered all over the US! Looks like you're having a great time! THat is awesome. You're on the homestretch now!! Almost home!

  3. Myra, we love the post! I know you said you cant get to my blog so here is my address..

  4. Wow is the first thing that came to mind! Seeing you and Will together is fabulous! You are so close to coming home! Enjoy your time with that precious little boy!