Sunday, January 16, 2011 less!!!

One less orphan in the world tomorrow...My sweet Zhang Liang with the crooked smile. I think there's a dimple in there...I haven't seen enough smiles from the orphanage pictures to know for sure, but I can't wait to know...I'm a bundle of emotions today...being back in this city is crazy. I hadn't given enough thought to how being here would make me rethink getting Sam...especially being in the same hotel and staying in the same type hotel room..I think it's good I've had this afternoon to remember Sam's diaper butt standing by the door and his first McDonald's on the the table and chair under the window, and walking in the lobby and him pointing at the baseball on the TV and Mike literally tearing up with joy...I'm not sure how I'll hold up going into Civil affairs tomorrow...maybe I just won't.;)

I'm full of butterflies thinking how physically close we are to is his last day in an orphange, his last night to go to sleep without a bedtime story and a mommy and daddy kiss. His last night to not have a family...isn't that just awesome!!!

Mike and our guide are exchanging our cash now for the donation and fees...we won't get him until 2p...I'm sure that's one of the last appointments of the day and reflective of us barely getting here before the CNY...SO I'm really trying hard not to complain, but I can tell you from experience our last Gotcha was at 10a and I was up at 4a and had paced a hole in the carpet and nearly had an ulcer by's going to be a LONG LONG LONG LONG morning!!!

and it's time to check the's a little tougher with adoption number two. My expectations really aren't for me and aren't selfish...I just SOOOO want him to do as well as Sam did for his sake. Very little crying and grieving...he showed us in his own way...but it's just heart breaking to hear of these littles who just hurt sooo much on the outside and can't be consoled. I just want him to know we are here to love him. Pray hard for all us...speaking of all of other little's are doing great, Skyped at home a few times already and they seem like happy bugs!!! EVEN SAM!!!! woohoo!

Here's a little cab driver who picked us up at 4am at home was rockin out to Janice Joplin "Bobby McGee" on the way to the first I thought it was a very odd time , but then I decided 4am was a PERFECT for Janice so I sang along...for some reason, the song jumps back in my head and in the midst of this crazy butterfly panic attack on the way to the airport I breakout in full song...yep...BOBBY MCGEE..."freedom's just another word for nothin left to loose" Mike and the cab driver look at me like I'd lost it...nerves I guess.....

Today is really a post worthy day...our adventures to find a church and time in the train station were really something...but I'm so distracted I'm afraid I wouldn't do it another time...but I CAN'T forget to share that story!!!

Love you guys...thank you for your prayers, friendship and for sharing this journey with us....tomorrow we meet our Will!!! (insert squeal here!)


  1. It IS awesome! Can hardly wait to see him in your arms!

  2. One more....How awesome is that!?!?! Last night I watched the video you shot when you visited the orphanage the last time. To watch you reach out to Sam...knowing that you are about to have him in your arms, is an amazing thing. What a story!! Our God is an amazing God...he knew all along that Sam would be your child. I absolutely can't wait!!!

  3. I am sharing your butterflies this morning. You see, For almost three years I have seen pictures of Will in just about every one of Leah's and I feel such a familiarity to this child. We have often wondered about him and would pray for him to find a family. I am so happy for you but so much more for him to have found your family. Leah obviously doesn't remember Will, but when she is older I am sure she too will understand the connection they must have once shared. Give him a great big hug for me. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning and see him in your arms. Quoting Jennifer, "God IS amazing!"

  4. It's great that you're in the same hotel, actually, because already the siblings will have something they shared.

    Good luck with the nerves,