Friday, January 28, 2011

Hong Kong...last post. Probably :)

Whoa..Hong Kong! Kinda glad we squeezed this in as crazy as I am for home! This is one crazy place! Never in my life have I seen so many people or such a big city! The sun is out and this is one beautiful place...

It was truly heartbreaking to say goodbye to my dear friends yesterday..I think I will break into tears randomly at the sight of Luke crying for years to come... :( We want to skype you guys badly Tracy but don't want to upset Luke...we will let you guys lead on that me for my skype address!! Cristy...I'm so sorry about the communication blip!! You were on the skype with your sister when we called and I told Kevin we would wait for you guys at the playground until noon then we had to go to the the WS then because we had to leave at 1:30p...we saw you walking down the street with your guide when we were leaving from our van and waved and banged on the windows like fools...obviously you didn't see us...:( we will skype sorry we didn't get to say goodbye appropriatle!

and my sweet Madison! How I loved playing with her. She gave me all the love and attention Will didn't. It was so fun to see her energy and love of expereinces. and she was definetly the welcome wagon of the group. We laughed so much that her profile was described as quiet and introverted.....hmmmmm I DON"T think so!!!!!! You could hear her "HALLLLOOOOOO" in Hong Kong. Lisa and Wayne are a blast and I think if it weren't for Wayne...Will would have ran away more than once ;) (his second Baba...or "uncle Wayne") With his airline connection...we hope for frequent visits..hinthint! and don't forget that Walmart application when you get home!!! hehehehe!

Tomorrow is travel day...praying hard for a reasonably sane trip...Will is doing ok. Clinging to Mike reasonably friendly to me, but I'm not allowed to touch or provide any care. He's not spurting to many profanities or shooting daggers from his eyes like Nanging so that's better. Let's pray he will sleep on the plane! CHRP sisters...I saw your prayer guys rock! Love you all tons!

Plane arrives Sunday at 6:15pm...All are welcome. Can't wait to hug my babies! If someone at home has time to run to Krogers for banana's and strawberry yogurt, that would be great. That is all he has eaten the last two days! Thanks!!!



  1. I'm not sure whose blog I was on...but your title grabbed my attention...One More Makes four...Make That 5.

    Our blog was Mei Mei Makes Four....Then And Now There are Five. Just like Jesus, we are now in the process of adopting the new title: The Miralce of More...

    Our youngest is a SB sweetie, and the two boys we have PA for also have SB.

    You'd think I've never been to through all of your posts....felt your heart, remembered the days our Ellie loved Daddy, and would say Bu Yao public.

    I try to keep our blog real, too. Most days are so blessed! But, some days are HARD. And, on those days we need our support system!

    Praying for a peaceful travel.

  2. Thanks for letting me tag along - your trip was fun to follow from this end. Having 2 SB daughters, I know what you mean. They are such "regular" kids in almost every way, and I am overwhelmed when I realize that God trusted me with their care. I hope you continue to post after arriving at home. I would love to know how all your kids incorporate Will into the pack!

  3. MYRA! Praying for your safe homecoming. We are almost home... back in the USA at any rate. So glad to meet you. SO SORRY I didn't get to say good-bye! I forgot you left a day before me. Bad Suzie!

    Let's be sure and keep in touch. I just think you and your hubbie are a so fun! Wish we lived closer. Ran into Christy in GZ. So fun meeting her!

    Loving your son! Excited to watch him progress on the blog.

    You're the BEST!