Friday, January 7, 2011

T minus 6 days and counting....

You know your going to China when....

1. You've made 56,000 trips to Walmart in one week
2. Your constantly weighing yourself holding luggage
3. Your friends and family are avoiding your phone calls because they know your calling for more help with childcare ;)
4. You talk to your travel agent more than your husband
5. Your husband thinks you have a boyfriend named Todd until he relizes that IS the travel agent
6. you wrap cheerios and goldfish in bubble wrap so they won't be crushed and you'll have snacks for your new 4 yo son - yes, Mike thought I'd lost my mind.....
7. You are obsessed with how to pack a case of diet coke and keep 16 days of luggage under 45 lbs...IT'S IMPOSSIBLE I TELL YOU IMPOSSIBLE..(see #2)
8. the dust bunnies are so big they growl when you look under the couch
9. The bank tellers hate you because your OBSESSED with new money
10. You hug your kids a little tighter at night because you know you'll miss them like crazy

workin like mad around here to get ready!!

Prayers for my grandma please, poor thing took a big fall and ended up in the hospital with a small subdural hematoma (brain bleed) She fortuantely is going to be fine, but looks like she took on Rocky... :(


  1. I laughed at this. Especially the Diet Coke part-I was so glad when we finally got to Guangzhou and they had the real thing--and it was cold! Sorry about your grandma, but glad to hear that she will be alright.

    Good luck,

  2. Praying for you. I know it's crazy...but SO FUN!!

  3. Oh, how I can relate!!! Can't wait to see photos of you in China with Will! And we are not far behind you!!!!

  4. Oh that is so us right now except my husband has a girlfriend named sandy from lotus :D Hope to see you in China with that beautiful boy!

  5. I wish I had packed Diet Coke! You are definitely going prepared! Caileb ate almost a whole box of Cheerios! I am so happy for you and can't wait to see the first pictures! What an exciting time!

    Jackie Titus