Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye Guangzhou!

We leave for HongKong today. Our last stop before home...praise Jesus! I want my kids...badly! Part of me is soooo ready to be home!!! Part of me is a little nervous at the post adoption transition that awaits. (Keepin it real..right?) I sooo want to believe that when it is just us and Will he will "do better" bond better, "mind better"(and not drop to the floor in a fit everytime I touch him in public - could make for interesting travel)...but part of me relizes at least here in China he has familiar language, sites, sounds and food. He's being stubbord about's commical actually...we get out the picture book...we say it in English a few times then he gives us his most stubborn face and stern voice and says it in Mandarin with conviction!!! I hope immersion and house full of English speaking children soften his stubborn streak about alot...Mom most of all
My head spins as I try to sort through all we've experiences the last two and a half weeks. It feels like we've lived a lifetime...and in some ways it feels like it's flown. China adoption trips are truly one of lifes most unique trying to explain childbirth or surgery to someone who has never BTDT...I'm just not articulate enough to put it into words. I'll have a few more posts from HK..but I hope my friends and family have enjoyed sharing our experiences. I feel like today we are saying goodbye to China and to what I will remember most fondly. I'm bringing my tissues!
I'm excited to say I've FINALLY got to meet my dearest cyber friend Cristy. and we hit it off in person as fabulously as we did in cyberland. Her Finley is even cuter in person if you can imagine! We have truly enjoyed watching our SB kids together. One of our bonds was sharing the up and downs and the leap of faith of adopting a SB child. I can say we both couldn't be more pleased and have grinned from ear to ear watching them run and climb and jump! What a testimate to possibilities!
We went to the Safari Park yesterday and if you are coming to Guangzhou...don't miss it! It was AMAZING...truly the best zoo I've ever experienced and in general I don't love zoo's because one dirty small cage and my moods ruined. This facility was fab and VERY interactive...our kids had a blast and I ended up taking @200 pics...dont' worry...I'm not posting them all!

I have so appreciated you love, support and prayer...keep them coming dear friends and family!


  1. Be safe! Blessings for a good trip home!!! I have so enjoyed following your trip. :-)

  2. Hay you! I went to the WS to the red couch to see you guys and get pics but we did not see you. We stayed for about 30 min and then we had to get Finley some food. By the time we got back you guys were gone--- im soooo sad :(

    Yes, we hit it off like I knew we would. We are for sure peas in a pod and it was so gratifying to se our SB kids hanging out. We will for sure have to get together again in the future. WE enjoyed you and mike to much not to. OK, so safe travels to HK and email me when you can. I miss you already-- BTW, saw Suzie at lunch. Happy to have met her too!!!

    Hugs my dear pal!!!

  3. Glad it's winding down, even though it looks like you've made the most of your time there. Hope the flight to HK goes well and that there are no meltdowns in public places.


  4. We miss you already. Luke wouldnt come out of the room, but it has been a few hours since you left and he is doing better. have a safe trip home and we love you 3 a ton!!!!

  5. What a journey!! I have loved tagging along and can't wait to talk once you feel human again!! You're almost home!! YAY!!! Have a safe trip!

  6. Please post a quick one when you make it home! I'll be praying for your travels. We went to the safari park on our trip, and I'm so glad you got to go. It's a good break from the adoption business.

    Take care, and I can't wait to see all 5 kids together!


  7. Hoping to hear about your homecoming..Where..when?
    Praying each night for bonding,and God be with you ALL! Can't wait to see you all when your family is complete! ~Hugs,Josh,Beckey and girls