Saturday, January 15, 2011

My new Chinese name and it's probably NOT what you think!

GRACE! Isn't it lovely!

Two things seem to happen to me in China that NEVER happen in the States.

#1 - I loose earrings....serioulsly, haven't lost one since the last time I was here ......already done

#2 - I fall down stairs........ and I'm not talking a little lose of your balance and slip on you behind...I'm talking the reason they put word "SPLAT" over top of people's head's in cartoon's...the good news is this time I wasn't holding my newly adopted son and didn't drop him on a fire box and leave a scar on his back that the peditrian made a comment about at his first visit how kids in orphanages get scarred and we just never know what happened and I sat there quietly trying not to chew off my bottom this one is better! But my knee hurts and my pride hurts and I swear there is something wierd about how they DON'T mark or change the color or put strips or something on their steps....Yes, it's China's fault I'm clumsy....

and by the's so stinkin cold here....everyone that can speak English here is talking about it! It's about 10-15* colder than average - the high today was @35* and the windchill in the 20's.... that's makes sightseeing QUITE chilly....feeling your face is overrate anyway


  1. Well...glad you got those out of the way already! Hopefully, you can enjoy the rest of your trip...fall free!!

    Can't wait 'till your next post!!!

    Be careful out there!!!

  2. So when you wake up you will be one day away from Will!!!! I am freaking out for you-- yaaaaa!!!!! Praying for you and blog blog blog with tons of pics so we can check out your first moments with your little man!!



  3. I guess I wanted to make you feel better about falling, so I totally busted my butt in the parking lot today!! Yes...I was holding Wesleigh, but I didn't drop her ;) Just wanted to let you know that you're not the only graceful blonde around here!!

    Can't wait till you post again!!

  4. I'm sorry you're cold, Myra, but I laughed because it was 8 below at 9:30 this morning and then got up to a whopping 0 degrees by noon. Hopefully it's a short spell for you, though. And I'd recommend that you not visit any sites with stairs :-)


  5. Praying for you...can't wait to see him!
    Josh and Beckey