Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, that explains a little!

Today our adoption was made official in the eyes of China!! YEAH! Half way there! We were of course VERY nervous about seeing the orphanage staff again, and things went about as expected, but we did get a big explaination. Will did ok until the director walked in. Until then, he quietly held Mike hand and at first he just walked over to the director and held his hand, then after a few minutes got upset and completely wrapped his body around his legs. Anytime the director moved, Will moved with him. He told our translator he "raised this boy like his son and frequently took him home and would miss him horribly". He gave us his business card and his home email and asked for updates. After about 5m of Will being attached to his body and him frantically chasing him outside and us trying to pry him away, he disappeared. Will had a huge fit for about another 5m and was fine after that. He got to say goodbye and we got some pictures. I'm so glad to hear Will has had a father figure and was obviously well loved by the director and his wife, but deep down I hope he stays away at the orphanage visit for Will's sake.

It snowed in Nanjing today...apparently this is very rare and has everyone in a bit of a tizzy. We must have brought it with us. It wasn't even a pretty snow, it was a wet, sleety icky snow. But it made for a nice bonding day in the room. We had some sweet firsts, my first kiss,lots of giggles, and tons of playing (he has a fabulous raspy giggle by the way) The mall attached to the hotel has a small kids play area on the top floor and he LOVED this and wasn't overstimulated at all. We hadn't planned on it, just went for an early lunch and decided to try to find him some pants due to multiple potty accidents after being so upset at Civil affairs. ( Luckily there have been none since! It seems very emotional related!) and the kids area was attached to the childrens department and once he saw it was all over. Plus, he's so stinkin big, only 3 pairs of the pant I brought fit him!
I was so pleased to see how great he was with the other kids. He shared toys, reached for the other childrens hands to help them into the blowup jumpy thingy, and when I thought he was making a B-line to plow over the other childrens towers he ran over and handed them a block MOST of the time and helped them build! (he plowed over a few!) Over all it was a huge relief to see how gentle and kind he was! He does have a house full of siblings to go home to!!!!
You will also notice first skype photos with his new siblings! Everyone was so excited and Sam is taking it sooo well, it was very sweet, he said "Hi Will, look it's my brofver" Then later he told Jessa he wanted to play with him...(awww) even with him in my lap...no jealousy!!!
He slept really well, we made a bed for him, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He only woke us up once for about 20 minutes and didn't even cry , but we found him in various places throughout the night...see sleeping pictures...kinda pitiful, but we got a good laugh!!!

We were really hoping to see more of Nanjing this trip since last time it was 100* here...sigh, seems this time the snow and the cold have pushed us in...oh well, I guess we AREN'T here to see Ming Tombs, according to our guide they are forcasting snow and sleet a few more days...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Guangzhou!


  1. Oh Myra...this is so sweet and so heartbreaking at the same time! How wonderful to know he was loved, and so sad to see him holding onto the director's leg. I am praying about the orphanage visit. I hope it goes great. How funny that he would get up and move to another spot! Poor baby.

    I'm glad to hear that Sam did so good. Gives me hope for Wesleigh when we go back!!

    Hope you're all getting a good night's sleep. Can't wait for tomorrow's post!!

  2. Enjoying your updates! Neat to hear about Will's special attention and that someone cared for him before you came.

  3. It is wonderful that he had someone to care for him until you could go get him. He seems like such a sweet boy. I love the pictures of him sleeping all over the place!

  4. Love the sticker tattoos. We brought stickers and Aidan plastered them all over his body, too. It is great that he was able to see the director again and that you will be able to stay in touch-I'm sure it will mean a lot to Will. Love the chair/ottoman bed. At the White Swan they had a crib in our room for Aidan, who was already almost four feet tall at age four, so I ended up pulling a chair to the end of one of their very narrow beds and one of us put our head on the chair while the other put our head on the pillow-that way we could share a bed.

    In case I haven't told you so, Will is very handsome!


  5. As hard as it is to see him attached to the leg of the director, it is also a wonderful thing that he was so loved and has had a father figure!! That is really awesome and something many of our kids do not have. I know it was hard but it sounds like he is doing awesome and that is so cool that he plays so well with the other kids. Hopefully a forecast of whats to come.

    Well, GZ is supposed to be sunny with some clouds so you should be good when you finally get there. We leave tomorrow for Shenyang so we will see you soon. Cant wait for tomorrows post!!


  6. So glad today was good. What a great man the director was for taking such good care of him... heartbreaking for him to see Will go, but I'm sure he's happy Will has a forever family now. What a beautiful boy! Praying he transitions well into your family. Enjoying seeing your updates!

  7. He is just precious Myra.....
    Bless his little heart...oh how hard that must have been for ALL of you!!
    He is as cute as a bug!
    (DebH. Chinababy6 from RQ)

  8. What a blessing! I am so glad he was loved and cared for by the director! It is great that he is bonding with you guys and doing so well! Jeff and I are thinking of you and look forward to your posts every day!

    Jackie Titus

  9. OK...I've been stalking the blog today for an update!! I am so anxious to hear how your day went! Guess I'll just keep stalking!!!