Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that......

Caveman violence as a result of evil caveman face.....

Evil Caveman face

This past weekend resulted in a crazy house full of 14year olds...overall they were a pretty low maintance group. My daughter has had some strange fabricated gnome fear for over a year now...so when Gnomeo and Juliet came out...her friends were oh so excited!! She was the recepient of the "How to Surivive a Garden Gnome Attack" book and we all went to see the movie with our own personal garden gnome in tow...she claimed she was going to overcome her fear! It was a silly giggly night, and I actually had a good time, and a good laugh at the book!!
  • And then Monday was President's Day. Our daughter's school used it as a make-up day for all the recent snow and sick days...so silly mom drove Sammy to preschool and expected a very sad boy when the school was dark and quiet - which keeps schedule with our public school system. When I turned to the back seat and informed him of the national holiday, strangely his face LIGHTS up and I get a joyous "REALLY!!!" He was so pleasant all the way home! Once out of the car, he charged through house running room to room, then joins me in the kitchen and melts into a pile of tears at my feet....he wanted to know why he didn't get gifts on "PRESENTS Day!!!" Poor, poor little guy! Once I figured it out, we loaded back up in the car and went to Barnes and Nobles for some new books....
  • and last but not least...any parenting advice on how to tame the neanderthals??? (and, I won't let Will be painted as the bad guy, truth is...Sam's probably more aggressive...Will just got a good shot in)


  1. LOL! I can't help you there, I didn't have 2 boys home at the same time! Strike that, when my nephew was over, it was the exact same thing. Boys will be boys I guess. Don't you just love it!

  2. Haha! make them wear mittens :) My boys are always trying some new stunt off the couch! Maire just watches in fear and wonderment! Add my 8 year old nephew (5 foot, 120 pounds) and things get really rambunctious! We (the girls) usually hide upstairs!

  3. Those boys are so dang cute. Loving Will in the pirate shirt. So apropo.

    "At least their cute," that's what I keep telling myself. We should talk soon!