Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Silence from Bloggy Land is OVER!

I didn't fall off the face of the earth, just seems like it....OR MAYBE I'm really over emphasizing my importance and noone's really noticed...hhhmmm?!?!?!?! Well, life's been crazier than usual...yep, just when ya thought it couldn't. I hate wordy blogs, so I'll try to keep it short

1. Darling hubby had a new job find him...timing's not so hot...adjusting to a new child is probably enough, but sometimes great opportunites don't pick great we are sucking it up and being grateful! He will now be managing a hospital pharmacy and for the first time in 16yrs Mike will be working a M-F job, no nights no weekends...(GASP!) Although to avoid gap in insurance for the fam....mike's working both jobs, so he's neverever home right now, one tierd guy!
thanks God!

2. We survived the crazy number of February Bday parties. My baby Kenna just turned 10!! She had a great time and enjoyed her cake and crazy dinner menu more than just about anything! Poor Will's first month home involved way to kid's sleeping over and way to much activity! I'm learning quickly second adoptions are alot like second and third birth children. With Sammy we "cocooned" worked on attachment activites, didn't let other people hold him....Poor Will, already has a babysitter, so many other kids in the house he probably doesn't even know who his sibblings are, and attachment/smachment....I'm a refree not a mother!!!! Luckily he seems to be doing great...pray for the kid please!

3. Jessa has decided to go to Catholic HS. She'd been accepted to a creative arts highschool but chose to turn it down. I think she chose well, I was more impressed with LCH also, but my wallet cried a little...but it's a fabulous school! She is continuing to be a fabulous kid. Although we are learning the hard way, no matter how fab YOUR kid is....adolescent girls are just AWFUL!!! So the teen years end up being tough no matter what, and it's really tough when you relize your kids are at a place you really CAN'T protect them from everything any more.... :( So enjoy when they are small enough that you can pick them and put them where you want them!

4. Sweet Brynn won the 1st grade spelling bee! You go girl! She's a smarty....gets a 110% every week on her spelling test! She's quite proud she can spell leprechaun and parrallegram (I'm not sure that last one is right and she's not w/i ear shot!) AND we are working on humble! It started with the heard full of ringlets she was born with...she's been told how pretty she is and how pretty her hair is since she could can her confidence is off the charts...truth is as soon and puberty crashes, so I've never worried - but I'm not sure how to sensor the mouth without hurting the feelings...For example....the picture below is her in her new "Lill'Lambs" Easter dress. She felt like such a princess and twirled around. Poor Kenna has felt like she's sat in her shadow with the hair and pretty comments quite a bit and started feeling a little sorry for herself..."Oh no Brynn, please don't wear that...EVERYONE will go on and on how pretty you are and no one will notice me on Easter....PLEASE wear something else" :( pitiful So Brynn in complete sincerety tries to comfort Kenna..."Kenna, I'm sooo sorry! I can't help it I'm so pretty I really can't, but your pretty too!" Then this morning...I fixed her hair and she asked for the mirror and says "OOOH, can I see my beautiful self" OOOHH MY get my wadders it's gettin deep!!!

5. Sam and Will MAYBE starting to reach an understanding....either that or it's halftime and they are just tierd...I'm hoping for #1!!! There's still friction, but they are at least starting to get along better and the creative parenting is helping! As you can see from the VERY candid photo, the brotherly affection is starting to grow...I mean can you share a toilet with someone you DON"T love!!! Ladies, the number of people you can pee on the phone with is usually limited to your Mom, sister if your lucky enough to have one and maybe one other lifelong BFF!!! It's a TIGHT circle!!! So I've chosen to ignore Sam's heart stabbing comments as strictly adjustment...." I don't like my brofer" and "when is Will going back to China" YIKES!


You are sooo beautiful!! We LOVE our train table!


Jessa & Isa Bday party helper extrordinare

Happy Bday baby!!! Love you!


  1. I LOVE the one of them peeing together - too funny!

  2. Hi,Myra - Hey,I would like to call you today to ask you a couple of things about the orphanage. I tried sending an email, but it was returned as undeliverable. Did you email address change? Anyway, glad to hear your boys are doing better together! We are still getting over jet lag!

  3. Hey Myra,
    I for one missed your blog and miss you and your hubby! We really do need to get to Kentucky this year. We need to Skype too, we havent been home much. You know all those doctors appointments you guys did last month? Well with me having emergency surgery within days of coming home from China our appointments are all happening now. SO you get the craziness! Glad the boys have taken a break with the battle of the boys! Love you and miss you Myra!

  4. Hey girl,
    I owe you an email! You emailed me a while back and I never answered it! I'm so sorry. Things have been crazy here too. I'm trying to get through all my emails in the next couple of days ;) Love the update. Glad the boys are doing better. Hopefully that will stick!!