Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This is David. David is currently 13 and waiting for a family in China. His SN is congenital absence of his left forearm, he is otherwise healthy and it doesn't slow him down a bit!!! He turns 14 in December and will "age out" of the Chinese orphanage system, so his time to find a family is running out. He's one the reasons I'm seriously considering starting an advocacy blog, but for now, I'm going to share his story here and plead to all my bloggy friends to spread the word. He sounds like a wonderful boy for so many reasons and I think he would make a FABULOUS big brother. He is currently living in a loving foster home, and he attends school where he gets above average marks. Here is what 7 yo Noah (some of you may recognize him as DuoDuo) who was recently adopted from the same home had to say about him.....

"David is a very good gege. He carries me and plays with me. He draws Ultra Man for me. Once when my ball got stuck in a tree, he got it out for me. He even helps my foster Mom carry things from the store. He has one small arm and I think it is cute!"

The family that adopted Noah had THIS to say about David....

"David is very friendly, intellegent, and articulate. He speaks English very well, and was even able to act as a translator for my husband last summer when he was in China. Noah just adores him!"

Plus, this young man WANTS to come to the US. The language barrier is such a challange for so many families that adopt older children, and he is already loving to younger children....he has SO! much going for him.....could he be your son??? His future seems full of potential! He's on the shared list,so contact me if you need more information! He ages out in December, let's not let this young man become a statistic!!!!!

AND! There are some youtube video's Noah's dad took in 07/10 while the children visited the orphange to say goodbye, just go over to the right side bar on my blog to "links I like" and go to "MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS" you'll see them at the very bottom of the page/or if they are not there, click "david" on the left....David is wearing the white sleeveless shirt, he doesn't have his glasses on Noah is the cutey in the red polo shirt in the front and being held by David! ....when I get more sophisticated and figure out how to link you right to it you won't have to do the extra work....SO SORRY!
IMPROVEMENT!! As you will see below...I DID figure out how to copy/paste the youtube links of David's video's!!! Movin up in the world! Enjoy!



  1. Myra! You're killing me! What a wonderful young man.... why can't I bring them all home?!?! Argh!

    Miss you.... hope the cavemen have started to evolve- heh!


  2. Oh Wow Myra, he is so handsome, what a heart breaker he will be! He must find his mom and dad and fast!!!! Will spread the word!!

  3. This young man has really grabbed my heart too! I don't think we would be the best family for him since we have all younger kids (among other reasons), but DH did commit to pray about it. In any case, I've posted you blog on my facebook and may link to you from my blog as well. He's family has to be out there!!