Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Montage 3/28/11 at OneTrueMedia.com

You know I'm hopin to yall cry....I worked hard...it might be a little long, but I hope you'll like it!!!


  1. Beautifull! You have a magnifique familly!

    Suzie from Qu├ębec Canada

  2. what a beautiful montage!
    In your video it said to open your hearts to adoption, it made me smile. I've only got about 6-8 more years before i'm allowed to adopt from Vietnam and then from there when i'm old enough i'll be adopting from China (i'm 16, almost 17 right now)
    Hope everyone is doing well!
    God Bless~
    -Kirstie Bikakis

  3. Love it! Of course you had me from the very beginning, since I'm a big fan of Norah Jones, but the whole thing is beautiful.


  4. Wonderful, Myra!!!! I lost it when I saw Kimi - and the notation saying that she is HOME!

  5. Okay Missy!!! You made me cry with that prcious video! I've missed you!!!! Since bringing our little Nathan home, I've been busy but wondering how you were doing. So glad I finally caught up on your life with your new little guy!
    Deb Holt

  6. Every second was worth all your hard work. It was beautiful!!! Congrats on your son, he is so handsome!

  7. Oh, I just watched the video and you had me in tears. I will be studying this video in the weeks/months to come as I wait to bring my son home from the same orphanage. Thanks for sharing!