Friday, March 18, 2011

From Winter Spring Fever!

Just last week it was in the 30*'s and sleeting/raining..literally my least favorite weather. Cold rain...YUCK! We were so desperate for entertainment I actually agreed to let the kids make slime!!! What the heck was I thinking! BUT! What a few days can do in the wonderful state of Kentucky! We've been blessed with three day's of 60+ degree weather and WHAT IS THAT GLOWING BALL OF GAS IN THE SKY???? GASP!!! yes, the sun has come out!!!!!! We have gone to the park, played in the neighborhood and stayed outside as late as possible!!! COME ON SPRINGTIME!!!!
PS - please don't forget to read the below post about David!!!!


  1. I love the pics of the boys playing together! Wish we could have gone with you...maybe next time :) Oh yes- YAY (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The slime looks like fun, messy but fun! I sure hope spring gets here fast We are ready!

  3. LOVE YOUR PICTURES! Funny I read this today as this was the first time I took my 2 year olds outside to play- of course here it was a balmy 45.

  4. Spring .... love it and all that it has to offer after a long winter! I love the pictures of your boys so cute! Praying things are going better and the idea of brothers is settling in!