Friday, February 18, 2011

My Baby is 14 years old!!!

Jessa and her BFF Hannah - Getting 5 kids to smile?....hmmmm maybe not

My beautiful girl!

Check out this cutey cowboy!

First of all, y'all have noticed me talking alot about the influence of boys lately....aparently my 7 yo isn't immune! I was shocked to see that her cowboy buddy down the street had talked her into tying up her beloved American Girl doll to the mailbox and holding her hostage!! HOWEVER! the little girl in her would not be outdone! After a few minutes of "shoot 'em up" she decided it was time to let her go. They then found a magical spell to erase her memory of the whole thing and they decided to be her parents . HAHAHAHA~ I told her she might still need a good therapist when she grew up....she furrowed her brow shrugged her shoulders and ran off with Jeramy to play "cowboy husband and wife"
Second....MY BABY IS 14!!!! Wow! Time flies....It's amazing how fast it's gone by...I can't believe she will be leaving the nest in just a few shortshort years. I'm really trying to treasure her because I relize how quick she is going to be moving on. I have sooooo many parents ask me or comment about awful teenagers and SO FAR! I have to say we've been just amazingly blessed! She really such a joy! We've had a few blips on the screen, but I'm really so proud of her I could just burst! She's funny, goofy, a straight A student, involved at school, volunteers at the Catholic Action Center, not crazy into herself or boys (thank the Lord) she still thinks I'm pretty great and we spend tons of time together...EVEN in public...GASP! She even gave up a trip to China because she worried her siblings would flip if both of us were gone (especially Sam...she's DEFINETLY his second mamma) Oh, and and update on the first boyfriend....only lasted 2 months...but had another one "ask her out" the VERY NEXT DAY after SHE broke up with the first!!! Praise God she decided those stinky boys were too much work!!!!! (OH HAPPY DAY) I'm not sure when or if the other shoe will drop but for now, I'm just going to enjoy this joyful stroll down Adolescent Lane!!! LOVE YOU BABY GIRL, keep it up..your one in a million!!


  1. Sounds like a happy roller coaster that you ride on!


  2. MYRA!!! Hi guys! Look at your little man! Oh Will, such a cutie pie! I was thrilled to see your message on our blog. Your family is precious :) Sooo glad to be in touch and follow your journey!! Glad to be home, but a part of me misses our breakfast in Guangzhou!

  3. Gorgeous girl! Happy birthday!

    Okay, loving the pics of Will. So glad to hear about the DR updates. Phew! What a relief! To see your little boys together is just a miracle. So sweet!

    So glad things are going well. Wish we could get together. Grrrr....