Saturday, May 29, 2010

Breakin the news!

We've been asked a few times already how the kids feels about a new brother, especially Sam. The girls seem genuinely excited. It's actually killing Kenna not to be able to tell everyone. The truth is, we haven't told EVERYONE yet. I've been feeling a tug in my heart for "Bryce" for a long time now, and it's just been getting stronger and stronger - but I knew adding a child to our family was something Mike and I had to be on the same page about and something God had to put into his heart. It was something I would never "talk him into to". It's just to big of a decision. So I waited and prayed that if it was God's will for this to be our child then God had to put it in Mike's heart....and Mike DID come around, he assured me God DID put Bryce in his heart...he even confessed he'd been there along, it was just fear that held him back...and I get that. However once we went to the agency it was like all h#@& broke loose and our commitment came very quickly. In some aspects our heads are still spinning, we are still processing, we are still a little nervous ourselves. I'm anxious to tell the world, but so far we've only told HALF the world!

As for Sam's reaction, when we showed him Bryces picture and told him he was going to be his brother it was obvious a concept he had no clue about. And as he has done since arriving home, whenever he sees a picture of an Asian child that isn't obviously female he calls them "Sammy". After some thought I asked him if he'd like a "boy sister". After all, he has 3 sisters and certainly understands what that means. This time he stares thoughtfully at the picture for awhile. My heartrate goes up...I feel certain we're on to something...and after a few long seconds he says...

"No tank you mommy, no boy sister...just Thomas the Train".......


  1. Congratulations and best of luck with the upcoming paperchase. The goal is more than worth the struggle!

  2. How funny! Our son who is four asks me all the time when he gets his "boy sister". Unfortunately, he gets another "sister".