Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Sweet pictures!!!

We sent a cake and some food to contribute to the orphanges celebration of "Children's Day" on June 1st. Just like here in the states we have Mother's & Father's Day they do a pretty big celebration for their kids. I was really pleased to see how much the orphanage did for orphans. Really warmed my heart! We also got some updated measurements. He's just a bit smaller than Sam but in 95% for everything...they defiently grow them big in Huaian!!! These pictures she have done my worried heart good!!! Ann from Red Thread did a wonderful job as always and I really appreciated her tip of waiting for Children's Day!! She's FAB! and I love her! Enjoy the pics!


  1. What a cutie - so excited to follow this journey!

  2. Look at him! How wonderful to receive these pictures! It is going to be great to see these two brothers together.

    What names are you thinking of?

    Sam and ?

    Let me know if you need suggestions---I love 'talking names'
    (Karrigan is sitting with me, her suggestion is: "oofey")

  3. Oh, he is CUTE! Love the photos. :)