Sunday, June 13, 2010

What a little ham!

We finally got our medical translated (Thank you MingJi and friends!) so far everything medically looks good, no real surprises! But we've gotten a little insight into his can't help but smile at this...

"He likes to be called ”little handsome”. Every time he was dressed nicely, he would run all over the playground as showing off what a cutie he is. Workers and the elders in our institution like him a lot and can’t help to compliment him when seeing how cute he was, and he is very pleased. He would say hi to elders politely. When he was 24 months old, he already had strong capability of imitation, he could mimic whatever the grownups said and nodding or shaking head, which makes people laugh. He is really a good boy. He’s not as afraid of stranger as before, and is very nice to strangers in the contrary. Sometimes he took others’ hands to show them around, seemed to be a good tour guide." handsome tour guide!!!!! I love it!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! What a great addition he will be!

    So glad you got your translation.

    Ready to see him home already...