Monday, June 28, 2010

just photos......(well, almost)

So, what have we been up to?? Here's the brief (not necessarily in order)...hangin around, riding skatebords, jump roping in the front yard! Pool time's always fun! Playing in rain with our clothes on is FABULOUS! Ichthus music festival was a sweaty blast! Me and three 13 year olds got our faces rocked off!! Meeting cute boy bands was one of their highlight..I thought they were hilarious dancing with the ChickFilA Cow! I had to take a photo when our adoption agency FINALLY posted a "Matched" by Bryce/Will's name...Can't tell ya how many times I searched the yahoo group for that!!! YEAH! We JUST had our family pics made a few weeks before we decided to adopt Will (heheh) and my latst project was the wall behind the couch..a new look for me...I'm usually so linear/matchy matchy when it comes to frames...I like it! Thanks for the motivation Amy!!! and lets not forget photos from Field day on the last day of school! OF course we are missing some camping trips, cook outs, family gatherings and things...but as mentioned this is the "brief" :)


  1. Very cute. You know I love "the wall" looks great!! You just have to love summertime and all of its chaos. Hopefully it will make the first part of our brutal wait for our boys go a bit faster :)
    Blessings, Amy

  2. Your wall is super cool! I love it!!