Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I hate those mom's that brag about their kids all the time ;)

WARNING: If you hate those blog entry's where the mom's brag about their kids constantly...STOP READING NOW, and go do something else...

Ok, you've been warned
I'll start with my oldest:


she got straight A's! and she won the MQ Halloween costume contest for her grade for the 3rd year in a row! and I'm so proud of the choices she's making starting out adolescents! she thinks she want to go to Lexington Catholic HS, and she's a bit to uptight about her placement exam coming up next weekend...but she's still going to try out for SCAPA (creative arts school) and she's even more uptight about THAT audition...she's quite talented on the stage, and a great writer! pray for a little peace for my little girl. I'm sooo proud of her, and I may be so unhumble, she becoming such a beautiful young lady!


she's having a FABULOUS school year! Mostly A's with a sprinkle of B's if I may brag! And what a little soccer player...who knew?? I had to BEG her to sign up and play..Brynn wanted to play, she had NO interest and she's the one who cried the night after her last game and is begging to play indoor winter soccer! and she can DANCE! sometimes I have to tell her..please don't move like that, it makes me nervous...and she's only 9! and she's got spunk and a will of her own...and we LOVE her for it!!


heaven's missing an angle when God sent this one to us. This is one sweet child. With a head full of ringlets, huge innoscent brown eyes, and a TREMENDOUS sense of humor it's hard not to fall for her. I missed all my kids when I sent them off to kindergarden...but I really mourned when she left. I laughed myself silly everyday. You never knew what was coming out of her mouth. I know my MIL felt the same and she raised 6 children. She also has something special with God. A natural draw to the faith. From the time she was a toddler she would go into my Inlaws grotto in their back yard and talk to Mother Mary and the saints, and when she would stay with them while I worked whe would tell Nanny she needed to "talk to the angles". When "Our Lady of Fatima" came to visit our church and when went to visit her, most were paying refuge in the pews, Brynn however drops on her knees directly in front of the statue and tells in an open voice just like conversation how she knows how special she is and how lucky we are to have her. Many in the front few isles were wiping tears and came up to me later to tell me how sweet that was to witness. She also has such a sensitive heart. No disciple needed here. If you look at here wrong she will burst into tears then you will be flooded with "I'm sorry" cards. this of course DOES NOT apply to arguring with her sister!!!


To come time over!

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  1. You have many blessings! Life sounds crazy busy but in a good way. Looking forward to the second installation with Sammy's story.