Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Pictures....please can I just go get him already!!!

FINALLY!! new pictures! It feels like forever! It's been since June since we've seen any new pics of his sweet face! My hearts a flutter and the tears are flowing! He looks so sweet, and so great! He and Sam are just about exactly the same size! He's actually 2 inches shorter and 3 pounds heavier, shouldn't really notice it. God did it again...I have to say, I've been one grumpy bug about my 800 approval, it should come today or tomorrow, but of course it's on the long side of quick approval for us. But i guess we go when it's time, not when WE want...but prayers for quick process would still be appricated!!! Enjoy my sweet's all I can do it stare at him!!! don't forget, clicking on the pics makes them bigger and cuter<3


  1. He is adorable!! What a big boy!! I can't wait to see the two of them together again!!

  2. Myra,
    He's a handsome little guy. I especially love the picture on the right.
    Crossing my fingers for your I800 to speed up.

  3. Myra - he is SO cute! We were LOA on 11/15, and are now awaiting our I-800 approval also, having sent our packet to USCIS on 11/16. So we are 21 days behind you. I don't know why people have to move SO slow!! Don't they know how much we want our kids???

  4. Myra, Will is so stink'n cute. What a little heart-breaker. Hope you're cabled this week. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  5. How precious! China boys are the cutest... Best of luck on your adoption!