Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh my aching Advocating Heart....

Oh, sweet Charlie, how I'd love to add him to the DeLuca clan...he still waits, click below to read about him or copy/paste the link didn't seem to work, sorry

What a sweet smile this 6yo boy has!

Remeber Lillianan? Click below to read about her story...she's still waiting....

This is Reed, he just turned two in steal my heart!!!

First of all, sorry for the absence. Blogging sometimes slips to
the bottom of my priority list. I wish I was one of those really cool bloggers that could slip in a few fab pics and a few well written lines that seems to sum up all things going on in their lives, but I just haven't seemed to master that talent yet. You'll figure it out when I do. Then only thing that sums up our lives right now is I'm shopping for a minivan with a toilet in it so I don't ever have to get out and could be more effiicent since all I'm doing this school year is driving..constantly!div>

BUT what hasn't slipped to the bottom of my priority list is my love of advocating for the waiting children in China. I still take time most days of the week to answer questions, offer medical advise when I know what I'm talking about, review files when appropriate and sometimes fall in love with a few and really push for them. I enjoy it...I love seeing families formed, and I'm getting better I'm a "slueth"now if you will. I can help pre adoptive families find information. I know things, I know yahoo groups, which agencies are involved where, who's doing what...I just love helping...I'm not the BEST out there, but I help....I've said before, I knew the second I met Sam and traveled to that orphanage in China God had opened my eyes to a big my passion in life..I wasn't sure WHAT all I was suppose to do, but I knew I was forever changed.

Sometimes it's hard though, sometimes your heart just aches, sometimes you just want to scream and yell for the precious ones sitting there "WHERE ARE YOUR FAMILIES? WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE?" I cry for them sometimes....I pray for them alot. You hate to watch the ones you get attached to have a birthday. A day likely noone recognized, another year older, statistically now less likely to be adopted, a sad day in a way....

Adoption isn't easy, it's not for everyone, but I just want to shake people sometimes and say...can't you see, don't you care, how can you leave them there, it's not THAT expensive, ....and then I can I leave them there? and then my husband threatens to divorce me and take away my laptop if I show him another baby that needs a Mommy - **sigh** How many kids CAN you have and pay your mortgage and be sane??? shrug?? Truth is, we are just feel so helpless sometimes....

Thanks for letting me vent, and cry a little on this gray Saturday while I sit with a fever and bronchitis missing soccer games listening to Will and Sam play at volume 1 million...why ARE they so stinkin loud?? could I handle the noise of another child?? Good Lord NO!!!

div>As mention, the faces above are those who wait who have stolen my heart....please contact me if interested.....


  1. All these children are amazing. Are they all on the shared list?

  2. Could you send me some info on Reed, as to which agency he is with and his SN? Thank you!!

    Loved your post on how many people will question our decisions for large families (traveling for #8 this year) homeschooling (yup), and such. We face these comments all the time- I'm getting much better at coming up with good comebacks, otherwise I just ignore them :-)

  3. Can you please email me with information regarding Lillianna? I couldn't find your e-mail to send you a message so mine is connieswinneyATgmailDOTCOM. Thank you so much! Connie