Saturday, January 14, 2012

Back to the good stuff : Will's Big Day!!

**One last comment about my previous post, then on to the good stuff....

After reading it, I didn't want to sound whinny, ungrateful, or wimpy. Life is just hard sometimes, but for those of you who didn't know, we did have a lot of 'challenges' in a short time in addition to adopting and adding a new child to our family. From February to September the attachment/Sammy issues, Wills health issues, Mike starting a new job, then having hernia surgery, a water leak in our kitchen and a complete kitchen remodel, the death of just about every appliance I owned, starting high school and middle school for 2 of our girls and the ADHD worsening this year. (wonder why??) SOO I'm done whining...I HAVE been counting my blessings more and trying to simplify...but just wanted to share all the reasons for the "Keeping it real post"


As I mentioned in my last post, Will turned five a few days ago!!! It was a sweet special day!!! I just love firsts, and I just love how excited kids get over their birthdays, and for Will this one was something else. In a family of five it's really something to get to pick, to be 'in charge'. This was something poor Will didn't understand, he'd obviously never given this privilege, even in the whole year home with us!

I asked, "Will where do you want to go for lunch?"....(it was just the two of us mind you, a special Mommy and Will date) All I hear is silence from the back seat....."Will, honey...what do you want for lunch?"

"Cheeseburger, Mommy"

"Where do you want to go eat your cheeseburger, you get to pick since it's your birthday!"

silence again...finally he says

"Mommy, what's You Pick??"

Poor little guy! I got very specific after that, of course we ended up at McDonald's, followed by a trip to ToysRUs. He PICKED! "Chinese Noodles" for dinner (Mom made Lo Mein) Which he LOVED! Check out the pics! What fabulous chop stick form in the beginning, but then he decided he could shovel more in using two hands after a few bites a few big YUMS!!! Lightning McQueen still rules the little guys in our house and the highlight was singing and blowing out candles..twice!! A BIG DAY for Will I hope he really will remember!

It wasn't so easy to be Sammy however. He put on a brave face most of the day, but had to be reminded over and over his Bday was in 10days. Whales of "NO SAMMY" could be heard periodically throughout the day.... *sigh*

This is the tough stuff. I really struggled with caving and having a small gift for the other at each party...but opted to hold my ground and give each their own day from the beginning. Will will tolerate it better, watch and see ;)

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