Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cakes and Cats and Dances...oh my!!!!

We have ALOT of birthdays around here in January and February....five to be exact...makes for alot of cake! We've have two more since my last post...and two more smiling girls...and two more birthday parties!!!! Poor Jessa got a tummy ache after our HUGE lunch and just couldn't stomache birthday we did what any reasonable family would do, we waited until the next morning and had cake for breakfast!!!! We were the coolest parents ever for at least 4 hours after that~~ This morning I sit with a house full of 11years olds...and enjoying my middle girl soaking up her day...and secretly thinking "THANK GOD" we are done until June....

and Cats....

WELLLLL....we are a bit nuts around here, that's no oldest baby has had a tough few weeks....I mean TOUGH...she could really use prayers! and everyone knows nothing heals an aching heart like a says her DADDY!!! ( Can you stinkin believe that!!!) Her DADDY!!! thought a kitten would be good! I about had a cow...we do have puppies due around here @March 15th...but my sweet Nelli will be gone for 10 weeks and I could use a new baby to ease my to say the least it only took a week to convince me...sadly the little gray kitten with big green eyes that stole Daddy's heart had a home already. (well, not sadly...good for her) SO! GiGi and I go to the Adoption Fair at the Pet Store to get a "kitten"...this is a girl who has her Mamma's the midst of the kittens we see this 2 year old HUGE! FAT! BLACK! cat with the greenest eyes I've ever seen...obviously someone's owner surrender - lost their job in todays economy, couldn't afford her anymore, sitting in the shelter for 2m because EVERYONE wants a kitten...SWEETEST cat ever...never flinched in the noise of the barking dogs...did nothing put purr as load an outboard motor on a speed boat, and literally wrapped her arms around her kidding I think she hugged her...we DID NOT come home with a kitten!!! She said the kittens would get cats usually just sit there....OMG she SUCH her Mamma's girl!!! SO! We are the proud owner of the fattest furriest black cat I've ever seen...her name is Jade/Jady (the eyes) and really is the biggest love bug ever...

Yes, I AM well aware of the animal count here now...nice comments only please!!! and Yes, we are shopping for a bigger house!!

and Dances..

.Mary Queen had a Valentines Family Dance...Mommy missed it...I was shacked in my hotel room by myself for MY birthday present, but my sweet family had a blast...and my hubby got some great shots of the kids!!

and last night was the "Father/Daughter Princess Dance" - they rode in a limo...dressed up in their finest...had chicken nuggets for dinner in a castle and a huge selection of desserts including a chocolate fountain!!!!!....every 8yo's dream!!! and they looked SO SWEET!!! Sadly, Princess Pouty face got a Paper Cut!!! it was quite dramatic but quite cute to see such a worried sad face over such a little bit of blood!

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  1. Wow! What a busy time! That was so sweet of Mike to try to help with a cat! LOL! I hope it cheered her up. Love the pictures of your beautiful family!