Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One month later.......

and I'm finally making another blog post!!!

Well it's been busy! Here's what's up....

1. Sweet Sammy turned 5!!!!

He's sooooo much fun to have a birthday with! It was a very deja vu day!! Same cake (shoulda thought to go to a different baker for another Lightening McQueen Cake), Same McDonald'a Lunch, Same LoMein Dinner...but what two unique wonderful little guys! Sammy is such an A+ personality kid! He literally shook with excitement everywhere we went and announced to everyone at the top of his lungs that "TODAY IT IS MY BIRTDAY AND NOT WILL'S I AM FIVE" It's really hard not to find him cute if I may say so myself! (and as predicted Will took it much better!)

2. I turned 41....I am not so cute on my birthday, nor did I want a cake, or LoMein...I actually decided to boycott the whole thing and even took it off my FB page I was pouting so horribly! Don't get me wrong, each year above ground is a wonderful gift and I'm grateful...but gettin old ain't easy! I still feel good and don't look TOO bad, however gravity has still found my neck and the J-Lo fairy visited my butt!....and I did get some new glasses ON my Bday and didn't relize I'd slowly been going blind since my last eye exam in 2008 and had NO! idea I'd developed so many lines creases bags ect....vanity sucks....and I'm guilty. BUT I did have some sweet friends who remembered anyway and sent me well wishes via FB, text, left cake on my front step and my dear hubby and BFF sent to a HOTEL!!! for an overnight ALL BY MYSELF! It was the first time I've been alone or in silence since 1997! Heaven I tell you...pure Heaven!

3. My oldest daughter has self imploded. Anyone who has ever parented a teenager will understand. Pray for our survivial. Teenagers are just like two year olds who want driver license and they are scary....VERYVERY scary!!! I remember being one, and I'd rather have my toe nails pulled out than ever live through high school again....

4. Nelli my fur baby is having four puppies!! She is due March 15th!!! I'm going to have Grandpuppies!!!

5. Mike went to Denver on a work trip and kicked butt! I was very proud!...I hope he gets a job there! I'm ready to move and have a new adventure! Time will tell!

That's all...............................

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  1. Ohhhhh! I am so jealous of your night to yourself!!!! I hope you enjoyed it for all of us :)