Sunday, May 20, 2012

"Mr Blue Bird's on My Shoulder"


Things are looking up around here!! ( Zipity do da, Zipity yah!)  The Lawsuits over...after a long a painful 5 weeks (My Oh My what a wonderful day!)  So we are staying in our current home, the kids seem overall happy about it, and to truthful - I'm glad I'm not packing up the house right now.   Summer is JUST around the corner!! (Plenty of sunshine headed our way!) and I think maybe best of all....Our teenage daughter is feeling better!!!! (ZIPITY DO DA ZIPITY YAH!)

Ok...I'm done with the song reference I promise!!!  It's even getting on my nerves!!  LOL!

I wish Mike were feeling GREAT with his A fib, but I can report he's ALOT better...we just wish it would go away  -  But it's not quite in the cards for us yet.  Just thankful he feels better on the lower dose of digoxin.

There are a lifetime of stories to share and tales to tell...but this blog would just be too are much more I'll just post those instead with brief description

Will REALLY busted his lip (sorry for the graphic pic for those with sensitive tummies!) , Our Nephew got married! in Florida....Mike was a groomsmen, Jessa a bridesamaid, Brynn a flowergirl and Kenna a wedding attendant...I missed it :(  but the pics look beautiful! multiple school field trips, soccer, Brynns First Communion!!! and lotsLOTS more, just don't have photos of it all ...the best news is the stress level is lowering around here...and we are sososososo GRATEFUL and humbled for the prayers, emails, phone calls ect...we received!  We were overwhelmed and the prayers were felt and I truely believed they made a difference in the positive outcome!   THANK YOU......and God Bless!!!

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