Monday, January 18, 2016

Now THIS is Shanghai!

Just arrived and checked in. Fortunately both Wifi and VPN are working...that's reason to celebrate in itself! The flight was actually great! We upgraded to something called Economy Plus seat slightly bigger and about 6" more leg room...still a grade below business, and then there was still first class...BUT I will say that section of the plane was half empty and Mike moved up to the seats in front of me and we each had 2 seats!!! I actually LAID down and slept! Now don't get me wrong, it was kinda like sleeping 7 hours on a park bench...but considering the other option was sitting up, I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER! and to be honest I feel better than when we arrived in Beijing. My first impression of Shanghai is cleaner more modern and less crowded than Beijing. Our hotel is nice and right smack dab in the middle of the action! We are going to shower and hit the streets in just a bit. Unfortunately the weather leaves a little to be's only 40* and sprinkling....kinda yuck. BUT it maybe an omen....last time we landed in Beijing on the tail of a monsoon...(no kidding a real monsoon) and we had a great trip and Sam did fab! So if a little rain to welcome us to China is necessary...I'll be superstitious and take it!!! Three days to Will, it freaks me out a little how close we are to him now...can't wait!!!

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  1. Would love to hear "the rest of the story".
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