Sunday, August 8, 2010

I don't know how....and I don't know why......

but our fingerprint appointment notice came yesterday from immigration!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! I so desperately want to get our dossier to China....and I realize when I really think about it that things have progressed pretty quickly, but I've been pretty stinkin impatient. I think it's part of it you can't help, we ALL want to get our children home ASAP. For us, we are waiting on immigration clearance right now to be DTC and they've been pretty slow processing our paperwork. I called Friday and they said we weren't even in the computer yet and it would be another 10 days or so before we received our appointment notice, so when I opened the mailbox and found it there, well....I did what anyone would do...I did the HAPPY DANCE!!!!!

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