Thursday, June 21, 2012



yeah, his outfit is completly made of duct tape!!!

 The Christian Music Festival the size of "mini Woodstock" landed 30 minutes from home!!! As usual, our weekend of sweat, getting our faces rocked off and adventure has just begun.  We sat tonight out.. we're missing Tody Mac, and my hearts aching a little now.  But my stamina just MIGHT be showing it's age alot alittle from yesterday.  So when my $$ hungry teen had a babysitting offer, I told her to TAKE IT!  We still have two full sweaty days to go!!!   In case you are wondering the girls are hugging ICE in the above pic on the left...did I mention it was 92*???   When I noticed the guy opening the semi to the ice truck....we made friends QUICK! and volunteered to help him fill all his coolers!  This Mamma ain't no fool!!!  ;)

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