Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boy did my sense of humor need this....

Life is welll, intersting around here!  But isn't it always!  We are living our journey, blazing our path and grateful for our blessings. 

The girls are shinning stars!!!
 Jessa is Happily! back at Catholic and being a teenager in the gentlest way possible..

.Kenna - still! taking middle school by the horns!  Love how she is growing and learning! and looking so darn grown up!!!    

Brynn...."the one who doesn't drive me insane"  ;)  that sums it up!!! and still a little girl at 9, and in no hurry to grown up!!!

 We are giving homeschool a shot for preschool....we decided preschool just shouldn't be stressful for the boys or the family...and so far, good!  Will is such an amazing little guy...he's so smart...so TOLERANT.....Sammy, personality plus, FUNNY!!!  We are stumbling, bumbling, falling, rising, celebrating, crying, along this path withan  attachment disorder....we never dreamed....but we'd do it again...NO regrets.  It's just awful to see how the early neglect, and experiences  you will never know  hurt your little one's heart hurt so much and how it affects them nose to toes...and affects your family, your relationships your sanity....we pray...

The most incredible love and rewards come from the most selfless acts and sacrifices.....

BUT....here's the real reason for this post....a GOOD LAUGH!!!  I wish I could tell you I have gone out in public with boys just ONCE in the last 3 years and not heard at least one of these comments!!!  As an individual, we KNOW you mean no harm, and are only curious...as a population...it gets a little tough on a mamma's nerves sometimes!!  ;)



  1. Made me laugh out loud!!! Seriously "you're amazing" get it ALL THE TIME! If they could only see me yelling at my kids and crying in a big ole heap on my bed haha!!! It is my precious children who are "amazing", they love me despite who I am:)

    1. amen Paige!!! we are 'stuck' loving each other huh!? (LUCKY us after all, and Praise God we are!)