Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sunshine...because I say so!!!!

It's easy to get hung up on the 'rainy' parts of life...so I've decided to make a sunny post, just because I said so!

So here are some things to feel 'sunny' about around my house

1. I have a near 16 year old who still really likes to hang out with me or is the best actress ever...Don't get me wrong...she's a teen.  She can be a bit moody, a bit dramatic and sometimes I'm not sure WHY she appears randomly chronically miserable to be alive...and I've actually had to train myself to stop trying to investigate her every misery to help perserve my only happiness and sanity

LESSON TO SELF: teens sometimes are miserable, let them be...they will likey snap out as quickly as they regressed in!!!

That being said we still laugh together ALOT...we watch our TV shows and both really look forward to it and go out of our way to  make it happen...we intentionally see all the coolest movies TOGETHER...even if other friends come along (even her's)  I'm talking...Breaking Dawn and Harry Potter Premiers even!  And the greatest thing is not once is it ever Disney or animated and I actually LIKE ThEM!!!

We go to concert together....YES! Music concert!  Ichtus (christian Rock) Taylor Swift...and tickets for Pink later in the spring...(I know her lyrics are awful and she has a foul mouth, but i just love me some Pink...so I'm human - sue me!)

Feeling Sunny about that!!

2.  My 12 yo is growing into this fabulous young lady...we were a little worried about middle school for this little angle!  She's had some struggles with her academics, attention, organization...but her first report card showed her best grades EVER!  Only one tiny annoying B!  All A's otherwise!!  Boy did we happy dance!!  That girl worked HArD!  PROUD Mamma!  She's also maturing so nicely...a little more inconsistenly than I'd like but HEY! Rome was NOT  built ina day and we are being sunny here...I just wish the chore consistensy was a little better and the boy interest a little less...just sayin!  But she sure makes me smile...and brings alot of energy to the house

3.I have the most loyal pup ever!!! My fur baby is the best...I love her mad...yes I'm crazy dog person...you might not know how nuts I am about my 2yo old Cavalier Spaniel...and she's nuts about me...I apparently am NOT as annoyed by some of her less than charming habits since I'm blinded by her devotion....she barks at the front door to much...squirells, people, blowing leaves some days...It can be annoying...but she just beautiful..and a love sponge....for example..over the weekend I was VERY sick with a GI virus...literally! in the bathroom for SOME reason or another 3x anhour all night!  Not only did this sweet baby lay on the couch with me, but she got up and walked to the bathroom every single visit ALL NIGHT LONG!  at about 3am...she'd drop on the bathroom rug with a heavy sigh and just look at me with exhausted eyes like "REALLY>>AGAIN!"  but not until my husban got up at 6am did she stop the trots down the hall...sweetsweet little fur baby!....sunny to have a fur baby by your side while you retch in toilet...right??!!

On that sunny note, I'm calling it a night...
My hubby on a work trip in Vegas and I'm single parenting it...is it awful to admit I'm enjoying it just a tiny bit??SHHHHH  I did tell him on the way out the door...If he found a tiger in bathroom or a naked guy in the trunk he was on his own...but a baby in the hotel room...CALL ME...I was on my wah...THAT ONE...he might need me for   :)

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