Sunday, September 26, 2010

Life in the fast lane!

It's amazing sometimes all you can squeeze in a weekend! Jessa had Cotillion Friday night and had a friend sleep over. She had a wonderful time, and I just loved the details and all the fuss of getting ready for a big dance! Kenna and Brynn had soccer games Saturday morning! SERIOUS sports action! We had a great visit with our friends from Cincinnati who came to work the World Equestrian Games which have succesfully turned our little town upside down. The Common Folk to Royalty quotient has apparently never been higher and has caused quit a communication problem! Jeff Foxworthy has been called in to translate! Prince Harry and Phillip are here along with some big Middle Eastern Princesses who bought property and built homes just for the event (gag! - obnoxious display of wealth if I may say!) They stayed the night and Madeline hung out with us while her mom hung with the rich and famous!

We went to a family cookout, a neighborhood tailgate party stayed up late catching up with Pam. Church Sunday, laundry, a little house cleaning, trip to the office, and watched Mike hang Halloween decoration wearing a mullet wig...NICE look for the bald guy!!! I think I should be tierd, but it was all so much stinkin fun..I really just hate to see it end!

If I were smart, I woulda took more pics!!!

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  1. Busy, busy. And, yes, that is an obnoxious display of wealth.