Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some catchin up to do!!!!

I hate long wordy I'm going to try my best! Luckily I have lots of 'old' photos I shoulda post weeks/months ago that hopefully yall will forgive my wordy entry! First of all, the fundraiser was a huge success! We had over 260 guests and the generosity was more than we expected! We were so humbled and overjoyed by everyones was a fabulous experience for us!

Unfortunately, Lifesong chose not to give us a matching grant, we were of course very disappointed, but after digesting the news we decided not to let our spirits get down. We were so blessed by the turn out of our fundraiser and by Lifesongs support of a tax deductable account! We will continue to trust in Him in all aspects of this adoption!

A brief update on the kids....the school year is going VERY well! All three seem to be very happy with their teachers and are having an exceptional academic year so far. Jessa feels a bit of the strain and is working extra hard, but is doing just great! She is in another play and practicing 3 days aweek, singing in the church choir and addicted to texting as always! She's her charming unpredictable adolescent self! Kenna and Brynn and both playing soccer, this is their first year. Kenna is really showing some talent, aggressive, quick and really picking up the skills. Brynn is also learing quick but at 6 the cute factor is the primary appeal of watching them play! They are also singing in the chior at church. Sam started preschool and it is going FABULOUSLY! He loves his school, his teacher, and we've had not one single tear of seperation or sign of anxiety about staying! His teacher is truly the "Kid Whisperer"!!

Ok, that's Hope you enjoy the pics!! I think they are all self explanitory except that's the Stacknic families visit from a few weeks back! We always enjoy playing with MaryGrace, Joey, sweet Katherine....another testimony to how the adoption community unites families and creates great ya Angie!!! AND! the Harley you see my teenage daughter on is driven by her leather clad grandfather, so pass no judgement please, it's a legit ride :)

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