Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two adoptions, and I made my first big mistake....

I had a document sent back....I forgot a step...I sent the 800A approval to the courier and I didn't have it correctly notarized/county clerked/state sealed. It was my first mistake EVER! with our adoption paper work and I DID NOT TAKE IT WELL! Now, I am a logical, mature, educated adult. I know how complicated and how many steps there are in this process. Logically, I realized how easily it is for something to get missed, a mistake to get made. But, not me! I give support to others on the yahoo group when it happen to them, not me! Actually, I was so embarrased/upset I didn't even post about it. ILLOGICAL STUBBORN PERFECTIONIST PROUD. yep, I know...but let me tell you when YOU make a mistake that holds up progress, that holds up your baby coming hurts.

Luckily, my logical side DID kick in after a few hours of bitter tears and I just did what had to be done to fix the situation and move need of crying over spilled milk. The reality is, it only set back a week. One week. Yeah, deep down I'm still bitter - after the 7 week wait Will didn't need his mother adding one more.

Oh well!

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  1. Oh gracious I hear ya on that one! The week we were supposed to be DTC I was standing in the county clerks office getting my I-800A copy and home study county authenticated when she said that my home study was notarized by a notary from another county....where our agency is...hour and a half away. All that and why oh why did I not think of that? We lost a week there too. Ack! All in His timing for sure. Can't wait to follow your journey!