Sunday, April 10, 2011

....and on a lighter note!

We sure have been busy squeezin' in the fun the last few weeks! From band concerts, to March Madness basketball parties, spring break, and a being blessed with God parents of some near and dear friends newest sweety Samuel! Plus, life with my wonderfuly exhausting cavemen has taken a turn for the better...isn't it funny how kids KNOW when they pushed you to the edge and back off right before they come and take their Mommy away in one of those funny white coats!! (haha!) Enjoy the pics! AND...pray for ALL my boys and my youngest girls...Jessa and I leave tonight for 5 days in Washington DC with the 8th grade class. It should be a blast, but I worry about Sam and Will in my absence. (big Mommy's boys) I think I have Mike well taken care of with carpool, sitter's and ride's to and from extracurricular activities...maybe I'll get a raise when I get home! HA!